Some Lives Matter

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7 Responses to Some Lives Matter

  1. Cry and Howl says:

    The famous Earl of Taint hit this one out of the park!

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  3. marblenecltr says:

    Not to diminish the value or worth of those in the first two frames (and the possibility of the fetus being the life of a black American is high), but the silence of MSM on this issue speaks. To address some motivations; there is substantial profit and depopulation.
    Regarding a potential Mengele money motive, the older the fetus and the most efficiently it is taken (perhaps even whole), the greater the profit. This could encourage an already discussed matter, “postnatal abortion”, an oxymoronic phrase, maximizing income. Then, carefully chosen and mated women could be selected as human factories for parts needed for specific purposes. Don’t blame me for providing a new idea, they have been considered since the early part of the twentieth century, if not sooner. There is another reason this practice.
    The achievement of depopulation. When human life is being revealed at a faster rate than the dollar, the forcing of vaccines, along with controlling what we have to eat, drink, and breathe, it will be accepted by a stupefied populace.

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      I don’t doubt a word of what you say and could find articles and videos to back up most of it.
      More of the general populace have been brought dragging and screaming to some higher level of awareness I believe, but where there might be outrage, the dumbasses think government will do something about it and were they told government is just as evil/complicit would not believe it.
      There is a money motive of course and you can bet on a Hitlerish attempt to rid the world of undesirables.
      Sick. Sick Sick Sick!

      • marblenecltr says:

        Satanic, Satanic, Satanic, Satanic.
        Money is part of it only as a step towards total control. They want our bodies, souls, and spirits. I don’t know how far people go with this idea, but it clearly described in the scriptures I follow. On the human level, it goes to The Shadow Masters (eponymous book) by Daniel Estulin, and others. For a generally unknown example, look up Mothers of Darkness, with its 1,000 points of light, etc. There are many others, but you probably know of them already. I hope much more of our clergy wake up.

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