Brother can you spare a dime? #Noogastrong

By now you and more than half a million people have seen this video – Chattanooga Marine Veteran’s Direct Address to Mr. Obama.

I followed the Marine Veteran’s links and found his We The People Facebook page.  Their mission statement:

Our goal is to bring people together who want to see America become great again. By using power in numbers show that We The People have had enough and want change. The plan for this site is for all like minded individuals to share and connect. Plan peaceful protests. Raise awareness of real issues. United we can do something about them.

Their site is very active and one of the most patriotic you will find.  They are working on several projects including this – Don’t Tread On Us March 9/11/15

There was another link which is the reason why I am putting this post up.  The link is to a GoFundMe page called, of course, We The People.  Note, they established this request for donations to help raise funds on July 13th.

We the People is a group created to unify people of all backgrounds, to pursue the common goal of fighting back against a broken system. The America we leave our children and grandchildren does not look promising if we don’t fight back now. So far we have 2 events planned: a Don’t Tread on US March and a Veteran’s Day cookout for the Chattanooga community veterans. We are looking for support from anyone who feels that America is not what it should be. We need your help for promoting the events, hand outs, candles for the March, supplies and food for veteran’s cookout. Donations are greatly appreciated. You’d be helping us give back to the people and the veteran’s that gave so much for us. Thank you for any donations no matter how small. We stand for change.

You know already that three days later on July 16th, four Marines and a Sailor died in Chattanooga.  This was added to the We The People page two days ago:

WE currently trying to get in contact with the Marine Corp and Mayors office to discuss plans for permanent memorial, and how we can help financially, and to volunteer our time. Please help us let the world know that Americans don’t let our fallen be forgotten. Thank you!
We The People

In sixteen days they have had 588 people sharing the site on their behalf but only four donations totaling $270 of the $5,000 they hope to raise.  That is pretty sad.  I know times are very tough but no one seems to be stepping up to the plate! 

They need help.  Our help.  The math is easy – 946 more donations of $5.00 each and they would reach their goal.  473 donations of $10.00 each would do it.  It just wouldn’t be that hard.

I will end here with a video posted at their Facebook page.

“This is the most heartbreaking video clip I’ve seen yet. Navy Sailor Randall Smith singing with his kids before yet another Muslim went on a rampage and cut him down along with four other servicemen. Rick Igou

Just how heart broken are we?  Brothers and Sisters – can you spare a dime or maybe a little more?

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13 Responses to Brother can you spare a dime? #Noogastrong

  1. PatriotUSA says:

    Stolen with honor and changed not one word:

    “Much thanks to the always incredible and stalwart of heart, LadyRaven. The focus for me and so many others is to the clear and ever increasing dangers we face from our own government and so called politicians”.

  2. Lady Raven – I posted the Marine’s video on PWE (link below) Due to my opinion of Facebook, which I will have nothing to do with, I didn’t include the link to the afore-mentioned site to donate. (just type “Facebook”, or “you have no privacy” in my “search this site box” to note the reasons for my stance.

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      I believe I set up my facebook sometime in 2010 and were you to look I think I did an initial post and that was it.
      WE SHARE THE SAME DAMN OPINION of Facebook – and probably Google and YouTube and the NSA.
      Sorry for the shouting – I am beside myself with the deceit of too many in this country!
      Anyway – it is a rarity I go to facebook but wanting to know more about the Marine and his group took me there and from there to the donation page.
      The GoFundMe link I “think” has nothing to do with facebook.
      Thank you for stopping and commenting!

  3. Cry and Howl says:

    Reblogged this on Cry and Howl and commented:
    Ol’ Steve is making a donation to this worthy cause. And if for some reason it isn’t “worthy” $50.00 isn’t going to make any difference in my life … but maybe it will in someone’s. Thank you Lady Raven for including the Rick Igou video.

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  5. Lorra B. says:

    I will be updating this post with mine tomorrow…thanks for finding and doing the homework on this marine, really appreciate that! Let’s see if we can make a small difference… 🙂

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