Not to be forgotten, Hussein Obama’s ISIL – ISIS confusion

We are to see ISIS as the world’s gravest security crisis for decades to come but solutions to the horror that is ISIL/ISIS escape this country’s finest thinkers.  An action plan is slow coming and confusion (or something) reigns around the subject.  

A Freudian slip perhaps?  Regardless, move along – nothing to be seen here.

There are those who take the subject seriously –

There are those who don’t seem to – US blocks attempts by allies to arm the Kurds.

No, the seriously “lite” crowd really don’t seem to – thank you Earl of Taint.


And in the meantime, if one is to believe the constant propaganda, they blow up a baby in a training class demonstration on proper handling of explosions, and drown prisoners in cages.


Oh yeah, and they build luxury hotels (one anyway – allegedly) which we have on good authority will be added to Hussein Obama’s long list of accomplishments from islam just as soon as he has them tamed.

Ann Coulter – In the days leading up to July Fourth weekend, Americans were hysterically warned about an ISIS attack in the United States. Congressman Peter King, for example, somberly advised Fox News viewers that “this is the most concerned I’ve seen the FBI and Homeland Security” since 9/11.

And, once again, the weekend came and went without anyone in America being killed by ISIS, but a lot of people being killed by immigrants…

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8 Responses to Not to be forgotten, Hussein Obama’s ISIL – ISIS confusion

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    Not to be forgotten, Hussein Obama’s ISIL – ISIS confusion

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  3. Cry and Howl says:

    That dastardly waterboarding, what’s this world coming to? Good job Barack. Those “ISIL” forces need a step up in training.

  4. fathercharlescoughlin says:

    It’s time for a Constantine or a Charlemagne. Please see http://www.CatholicMen.Info for a contemporary call against the 47 terrorist organizations and as a bulwark against the massive liberal infiltration into Catholicism and Protestantism…. (Meanwhile, even America’s retired police are recruited and sent overseas, while socially-engineered American Vets commit suicide every 62 minutes.)

  5. Hi LadyRaven and Thanks for the repost!

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      Should have been following you a long time ago, Steve at C&H posts your work often enough and I kept intending to but a PB&J always got in my way or some piece of news – like today.
      Anyway – you do excellent work!

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