238,000 US Veterans Died Waiting for Health Care – Leaked Document

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Documents also show poor record keeping at the agency…

A leaked document shows nearly one-third of the 847,000 veterans in the Department of Veteran Affairs’ backlog died while waiting for treatment, amounting to more than 238,000 patients, according to documents obtained by the Huffington Post.

The VA maintains that the number is so large because it has no mechanism to purge the list of dead applicants, and that some of the veterans may have died years ago. VA spokeswoman Walinda Westtold the Huffington Post that some people on the list may never have completed an application, or could be using other insurance.

She said 81 percent of the veterans who come to the VA “have either Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare or some other private insurance,” West said. “Consequently, some in pending stays may have to use other options instead of completing their eligibility application.”

The documents came from a VA program…

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4 Responses to 238,000 US Veterans Died Waiting for Health Care – Leaked Document

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  2. So far I have been lucky I guess. I am a veteran and I use the VA and I have always received prompt treatment except on one occasion when I had to wait 6 months to see a dermatologist — but everything turned out well. I did use their emergency service once and they took me in immediately and I spent 3 or 4 days in their ICU and everything went very well. I have no complaints.

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      I have a family member who has not been so fortunate at his VA. I’m glad your experience is what we want and expect for our veterans!

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