Medicare physicians could be paid for ‘End of Life’ chats

Another of those subjects where if my outrage were allowed to rage I swear I could not function.

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This may seem an unimportant topic. But it is. The death panels rise again. Even though Congress pushed back against it. Time and again. But this administration will not be dissuaded. First let me remind you of an earlier post:

From: Kidney Patients being told to accept death and forgo dialysis

As they calmly say:

“It was meant to keep young and middle-aged people alive and productive”.

So of course if you are no longer productive, you are really of no use to the Progressive Society. So here tis a piece from the NY Times including the header.

Asking Kidney Patients to Forgo a Free Lifeline

Kidney specialists are pushing doctors to be more forthright with elderly people who have other serious medical conditions, to tell the patients that even though they are entitled to dialysis, they may want to decline such treatment and enter a hospice instead. In the…

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1 Response to Medicare physicians could be paid for ‘End of Life’ chats

  1. bunkerville says:

    while we are looking the other way, the march continues unabated. Thanks for the link.

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