Ann Barnhardt 7/8/15 – “There is no bid. There. Is. No. Bid.”

So the Chinese stock market is collapsing and has gone no-bid and is being shut down, prices on the street in Greece are already being quoted in Drachma, and now the NYSE has gone no bid, and it is being blamed on a tech glitch.  Riiiiiight.  United Airlines, the Wall Street Journal and ZeroHedge all had simultaneous “tech glitches” too.

Ask not for whom the Black Swan honks.  It honks for thee.

Here is the full version of my Economics Presentation from ARSH 2012, and I have it keyed to begin at the 2:09:40 mark, where I discussed how the markets would go no bid when the black swan event happened, and thus the urgency of getting out before that happened.

If you didn’t get out of the markets I simply cannot feel sorry for you.

Read here – There is no bid. There. Is. No. Bid.


July 7, 2015 – The Market Ticker – There is no point having a debate on government or monetary reform, or anything else, with those who deny arithmetic.   We are all dead.

Ann Barnhardt – July 8, 2015 later in the day – Regarding those “tech glitches”…

Eric Rush – July 10, 2015 – Why Is America Cyber-Attacking Itself?

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