The deaths of thousands of Americans at the hands of illegal aliens are absolutely “necessary” to a goal of destroying the heart and soul of this country…

And they said – Watch now, watch carefully as Little Jamiel dies!  Watch America and become the sheeple we intend that you be!

Forty plus years ago Little Gary died at the age of five of a terrible cancer. My family watched for two years as our sister and her husband slowly died inside, helpless to relieve his pain and suffering. Big Gary eventually drank himself to death though it took years. Sister Sharon died at the age of sixty of breast cancer. The years between the death of their little boy and their own did not allow for one single day to go by that they did not mourn in some way the loss of their son.

Today we have a government so corrupt, so ruthless, so morally bankrupt, that the deaths of thousands of Americans at the hands of illegal aliens are actually necessary to a goal of destroying the heart and soul of this country. It is imperative that in order to wield power over the people, we must be made to feel inadequate and defeated. Helpless to make a difference.

If you want to know why Donald Trump’s exposure of the true extent of our illegal alien problem is causing such fear and loathing in our government you have to look no further than the news conference yesterday that he held with the parents and loved ones of victims of death by illegals.

He gave voice to those left behind who have been ignored and thwarted at every turn as they have tried over and over to exact justice. Justice not just for their child but for future victims.

It is not an oversight that the number of Americans dead at the hands of illegals has been hidden from the public. Our government fears, deeply fears, that the sheeple might throw off their wooly garments in outrage.

Our family was forever changed by Little Gary’s life, and his death. We know the anguish of not being able to do something to help him.

These families were allowed and encouraged to tell their stories of the tragic, senseless and preventable deaths of their own.

Finally, they, and all of America have been given a voice. Remaining silent is no longer an option for a free people.

Thank you Donald Trump.  Thank you to Sundance, TwoLaine, Lysander Spooner and all the people in the comments section at The Conservative Treehouse who never, ever give up in trying to bring the light of truth to the very dark moments in our history.

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