Hey! Have you heard the joke about the illegal immigrant who was deported?

He/she was!
Until he/she wasn’t!

Now ain’t that the funniest thing you ever heard of America?

From Grumpy Elder – Feds ‘deported’ 900,000 illegals, but they remain in U.S.

A few of the “little” details:

Nearly 1 million illegal immigrants in the US have been ordered to leave the country – but remain.That includes 170,000 criminals, ordered deported “in absentia,”

Huge numbers of the poor wittle unaccompanied minors ordered deported didn’t show up for deportation hearings so “were shown the door in absentia.”

And, and, wait for it ….. “said since most of the removal orders are never carried out, the result is a “kangaroo court.”

How’s that for a joke America? Ain’t our government just the funniest?

Could someone please help here – this sign needs to be updated to –



OH! And I just about forgot this other illegal immigration “joke” – we all know it is commonly expected/accepted that rape is “the price” women coming across the border into America can expect to pay. Sorry thing is, I can’t find a punchline…..

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12 Responses to Hey! Have you heard the joke about the illegal immigrant who was deported?

  1. cavmedic says:

    The tragic joke are those Americans who believe they are citizens of a Constitutional Republic, while failing to take action against these treasonous crimes.

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      How can one possibly “believe” in a Constitutional Republic without understanding the obligation/duty to nourish and protect it? Not seeing that there is “evil” patiently, constantly hacking away at the roots of that great tree is a grave danger.

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  4. malenurseken says:

    I love Trumps boldness in coming BACK AT the left and media~

  5. Lorra B. says:

    Yup, I’m laughing my arse off…NOT! It’s an absolute disgrace and travesty that we are more afraid of offending others rather than protecting our boarders! UGH!

  6. Well, not exactly but kinda, if one excerpts from your sentence:

    America can expect to pay.

    Hey girl, howya doin?

  7. How about “Today’s Illegals; Tomorrow’s Jihadists?”

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