The Silent Soldier

dJuly 2, 2015

A TEXAS VIEW: by Mustang

If you believe the leftist rhetoric, or if you subscribe to the communist talking points, then you have probably heard that our founding fathers were all white racist males, filthy rich greedy bastards whose decisions benefitted them alone. And, of course, all of the founders owned slaves, and hated or took advantage of Native Americans —who as it turns out, were not and are not quite as simple-minded as the leftists would like for everyone to believe.

It is all twaddle, of course. It is a mystery why these people feel compelled to so passionately hate the place of their birth. My best guess is that the leftist mindset will keep psychiatrists busy for the next several decades. It occurs to me that if the leftists wanted to demonstrate their hatred for America and all that it stands for, there is no better…

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