Communists Plan American Flag Burning Event in Gentrified Fort Greene

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Communist activists under the guise that Black lives and Black churches matter are planning to burn both the Confederate and American flags tonight at Fort Greene Park located in Brooklyn, New York, a community that is undergoing a fundamental transformation, i.e., gentrification.

The assertions made by the group, Disarm NYPD who is spearheading tonight’s bonfire (just three days before Independence Day) is that the flags are symbols of “oppression and genocide, and in the same action, dismantle our stunted, cynical expectations of what is possible in the world”; and the rationalization for said bonfire (just calling it by its true name) is to protest the Charleston, South Carolina church shooting in which nine people were killed.

Source:  Facebook. Source: Facebook.

The road to UTOPIA as proclaimed by Disarm NYPD‘s on their Facebook page:

We do not believe the ideals of America are anything to be revered. We are building something that…

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2 Responses to Communists Plan American Flag Burning Event in Gentrified Fort Greene

  1. If it was me I would arrest every one of their asses, lock them all up and throw away the key and put the case file somewhere so that it would take a few years to find it and then in about 20 years I would let them have their day in court.

  2. bunkerville says:

    Of course the police will be told to stand down and let them burn whatever else they feel so inclined to do.

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