Any Given Sunday.. View from the Inside of Twin Peaks

It was a lazy Sunday morning. I wanted a Bloody Mary. we were just having lunch… Thats all.

 imageWe were just having a lunch date. I know nothing about bikes or bikers or biker clubs or even what the meeting was about. I just wanted a Bloody Mary. We got there and saw all the bikes.. We just thought it was a benefit. So, we went inside and had lunch. The shooting started right after we got our food..

I can start from the beginning and even provide a picture after cops FINALLY had us come out with our hands up. They had my phone, but I had one of the waitresses email me a picture she took.


So, once upon a nightmare.. I smiled at my friend over my Bloody Mary. I could see some (Boozefighter) bikers at the bar. Shortly after they brought my food, the first shot…

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