Despicable Murders – Disposable Bikers – When do they come for you?

When you read or hear or watch news and there is 24/7 coverage of a story, bet your bottom dollar you are being force fed a narrative for the purpose of “someone” gaining something more.  Perhaps much more.  In the case of Charleston church shooting – the political objective is obviously gun control.

The contrast between how the Charleston nine and the Waco nine stories are being presented and pursued could not be more revealing.

The Aging Rebel – Waco Cell Phone Searches – In the comments section, this from – Brad MilchIt’s been less than 24 hours since the despicable murders of 9 church worshippers, their Pastor & State Senator in S.C. but the contrast between authority figures there & Waco are startling. In less than 24 hours, MSM has featured news conferences from South Carolina’s Chief of police, it’s mayor, the Governor, FBI Director & President Obama. The Justice Department announced a hate crime investigation. The South Carolina state Attorney General has issued a statement.
Fox News sent Geraldo Rivera to Charleston to report from the murder scene.

None of that happened in the slaughter of 9 Texans at Twin peaks in Waco a month ago. The global public has yet to hear from the Texas Governor, State Attorney General and Waco’s Mayor. Geraldo never packed a suitcase for Waco.
North Carolina law enforcement not only located the alleged sole gunman in the S.C. church massacre, but were able to apprehend him without firing thousands of rounds & killing innocent bystanders, arresting them all, confiscating their vehicles & personal property & releasing their mug shots to MSM & social media (adding insult to injury, more salt to the wounds).
If poor states like South & North Carolina can handle a horrific tragedy professionally, why can’t Texas?

Trying to step back and see the agenda behind the biker massacre it is pretty clear to me that it is an effort to strike fear complete with a warning to the bikers to – shut up – get in line, stay in line, or else.  And a two-fold warning to the people – there but for the grace of God (and your government benefactor) go you, and, do not be looking to the bikers for help when we come for you!

That said – some information/views gathered in the last few days –

Breitbart – Biker Thug or Innocent Victim of Waco Police? Watch & Decide!

From Reason magazine –What Really Happened in the Waco Motorcycle Gang Massacre? Defendants and eyewitnesses complain of unjust mass arrests; lawyer tells Reason ‘it was mainly the police shooting at sitting ducks’

Three videos below from the Motorcycle Profiling Project and this – Why All Americans Should Be Concerned About Waco – “This is an issue that impacts core constitutional principles and the viability of the criminal justice system.”

What “they” don’t want you to know“The Confederation of Clubs has had an extremely positive effect on peace and unification among motorcycle clubs and motorcyclists of all walks of life. The achievements of an important political constituency must not be tarnished by overzealous discrimination justified by fear. The Confederation of Clubs is a grassroots effort that epitomizes participation in the democratic process and deserves to be recognized as such.”

Amy White – Biker Witch – continues publishing biker stories – here – here and here. 

Also today on her blog – Checkmate, Swanton.. HAHAHA“I just filed with the city of Waco for a release of all information. This is my letter.”  Read here.

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