Waco bikers in the “land of the free”

Nine dead, 20 wounded, 177 incarcerated with significant bail required for release.  Do you note that the wounded have up until now always been reported as 18?  Though a good many of the bikers are out of jail, having managed to get their bail reduced – to a man or woman, you know they question America as still the “land of the free.”

I missed this article from Wednesday – Vehicle forfeiture documents reveal new details about deadly biker shootout – excerpts:

According to affidavits filed by prosecutors and Waco police in the civil forfeiture cases….

On May 17, several members of the Cossacks and their support groups, the Bogatyrs and Scimitars, arrived an hour or more before the scheduled 1 p.m. meeting. They took over the patio area, which had been reserved for the COC&I meeting.

They also had members inside the restaurant and along the perimeter of the parking lot, the affidavits say, adding that members appeared to be posted as sentries.

Viewing videos from Twin Peaks and Don Carlos, police say they were able to see several Cossacks reach under their vests and appear to adjust their weapons or check their weapons. They had handguns and knives as they walked around the patio, and officers said they also could see Bandidos, Machateros and Caballeros members standing along the perimeter of the parking lot.

As another group of Bandidos arrived in the Twin Peaks parking lot, several Cossacks, Bogatyrs and Scimitars climbed over the patio railing and went toward the Bandidos.

“Several of the Cossacks pulled their weapons, including handguns, as they stood on the patio and exited the patio,” the affidavits say.

Scimitars moved to the front entrance of the patio, appearing to take a “rear guard” position for the Cossacks, the documents allege.

A Bandido nearly struck a Cossack with his motorcycle in the parking lot. Members of both groups converged and a Bandido punched a Cossack in the face.

“Several Bandidos and Cossacks pulled out guns and knives, and shot and stabbed each other,” the records show.

So there are videos from both Twin Peaks and Don Carlos.  Despite what are probably “sworn” affidavits here – I would still like to see these videos and I’m betting many others reading this would too!


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