Never give up

“Remember friends, get discouraged, but don’t ever give up!”


“Remember this—that somewhere and somehow, and by somebody, a beginning must be made. Who strikes the first blow for Ireland? Who draws first blood for Ireland? Who wins a wreath that will be green forever?” James Finton Lalor

Lalor was an Irish political writer, hero, patriot, insurrectionist and general all around rabble rouser from the early and mid 1800’s. (My kind of guy of course)

Lalor was unstoppable in his quest for Irish freedom and land rights and never became discouraged. He was of ill health, suffering from tuberculosis and imprisoned after a particular rousing and vitriolic call to arms.

But that did not stop him in his fervor to free his country and better his countryman’s plight.

He became discouraged occasionally but always returned with the fire of freedom burning inside of him.

He refused to recognize any foreign law as legal and fought until his end at the…

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