Jade Helm – False Flag? Psyops?

Daily there are articles and posts about the coming Jade Helm military exercises (“of grand scale”) due to be run July 15th to September 15th across America.  All branches of our military are involved.

There are more and more videos of “sightings” of huge numbers of “our” military in convoys in odd places across the country.  Some videos are ridiculous as in one recent piece that had as the only backdrop one single photograph of seven helicopters overhead in a three minute video.  Many have merit – very long columns of vehicles of the type we used to see only in war theater’s.  Some of the more slick pieces are obviously made by our government.

The concern, because these exercises (for overseas training) are to be held in American cities and small towns, very unlike the foreign cities and towns across the globe that they are supposedly preparing for, that they are practicing for Martial law right here in River City, America.

To not give some merit to that as a possibility would be foolish.  More foolish might be to not give consideration to the possibility that the whole exercise is one big false flag/psyops operation.  Living in this country where we are more aware daily of the tyrannical ways of our government, I contend that this is all about making the American public suspicious, and afraid of our own military.

A very real attempt to break the bonds we have held so long with the men and women who have always, always, always had our backs!

Excerpts from News With Views – Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall –  Divide and Conquer:  The Political Philosophy of the New Millennium. 

Truth is difficult to find at any time. However, it is much harder today than in prior times. Today, we must fumble through a morass of disinformation and misinformation and never in history have there been so many ways to communicate lies.

In addition, there are false flags – actual or pretend events which are blamed on someone innocent of a deed – but made to look guilty so a group or government that is actually guilty can achieve some political or military or social objective. We tend to forget that false flag events have for centuries been used by tyrannical governments against their own people so they can keep or gain more power. Some false flags are actual events; some are not and use actors and actresses to make it appear something happened that didn’t.

Confusing? You’d better believe it is.

Most of us think we seek truth, but reading 50 disinformation articles a day rather than just 10 does not help you find truth. Few really take the time necessary to investigate what they read. Digging for facts is time consuming and people tend to believe what is convenient if it sounds reasonable. But we are bombarded with so many lies – unemployment data, false cost of living and inflation reports, news from what used to be trusted sources – and today’s society accepts it as the norm. This is how governments around the world win their war against the people they are supposed to serve and protect. 

The United States has had several recent examples of false flags…

What have they achieved? Regarding law enforcement, all people, not just people of color, are suspicious of their police departments and their county sheriffs. Think for just a moment about how the federal government has been interacting with police departments all over the country the past few years. They have been falling all over themselves being friendly, extending federal aid and training and giving local law enforcement $18 billion of military equipment. They have equipped SWAT teams so well that they now make more than 80,000 raids per year. Ten years ago, few cities had SWAT teams. The government has militarized our local law enforcement resources. We slept through it as we read or heard about dramatic “other” events.

Now, government appears to be turning against their local law enforcement buddies… not just in Ferguson, Missouri, but now Baltimore’s police department is under attack. Officers whose job it is to protect us are losing their lives because city, county and state officials think their job is to find justice for Freddie Gray. They don’t seem to understand their job is to bring justice to all people by enforcing the law.

From day one, it now appears the objective was to federalize local law enforcement… and Ferguson and Baltimore are mere steps to achieve that objective.  Full article here.

If I may repeat myself for your consideration – I believe a main objective of Jade Helm is a very real attempt to break the bonds we have held so long with the men and women of our military who have always had our backs.

If we fear or hate them – more power to the government.

Our enemies, right here in Washington, are definitely on the move.  It has been a long, stealth process but kid yourself not – they are moving…..

The Germans, 1933-45 – They Thought They Were Free

First they came for …… and we did nothing.

Then they came for the police ….. and we did nothing.

Now they come for our military and …..

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