“Cry and Howl” harsh on conservatives!

Well, perhaps I should have read Steve’s post before concocting a title that I thought might get attention.  Bad on me?

Cry and Howl – Obama’s accomplishments … current and pending

Let’s do a little re-cap of how much ‘good’ Barack Obama and his ilk have done for America.

Freeing terrorists. Illegals getting amnesty, social security, free health care, tax refunds, etc. Gaying of our military. Rampant diseases. Open borders for terrorists to enter the United States to plot murder and mayhem. Riots. Racial division not seen since the 1960’s. Distrust of law enforcement. Gun confiscation in the near future. Massive federal intrusion destroying privacy. Using IRS to attack Obama’s perceived enemies. Taking over health care resulting in zero net gain for citizens to obtain affordable care. Destabilization of entire Middle East paving the way for the Muslim Brotherhood to take control. Isolation of our allies. facilitating Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Federal take over of local and state police forces. Secret deals to surrender America’s sovereignty to the U.N. Using tax-payer’s money to pay off Obama’s supporters. Using the EPA to destroy America’s energy production. Pushing gay and lesbian agenda. Buying massive amounts of ammunition in the attempt to dry-up the availability. No desire to defeat ISIS. Continued rap parties in the White House. Wasting tens of millions of tax dollars on vacations. Setting up the murder of SEAL Team Six. Doing nothing to help Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi. Releasing criminal illegal aliens into the United States. Integration of wealthier neighborhoods with ghetto trash. (except Obama’s neighborhood … the ghetto trash is already there…..

He wasn’t finished.  More here.

I have been collecting links for some time on one of the issues – no sense in having them just sit in my computer gathering dust ya thunk?

Immigration Customs Enforcement Director Sarah R. Saldana Tells Congressman: We Follow Obama Rules, Not The Law…

Obama has ordered illegal immigrant applicants given priority over legal immigrants, who are forced to wait in line behind illegals for years

‘Immigrant Groups’ Are Battling It Out In The Streets Of Fargo

Illegal Immigrant Children Still In Limbo

ICE’s sex offender policies under scrutiny

121 murders attributed to illegals released by Obama administration

Illegal Immigrant Sentenced For Impregnating 13-Yr Old Girl, Forcing Abortion 


   Actual New York Headline: 3 Held Without Bail in “Brutal, Barbaric” Rape of 16-Year-Old Girl in Long Island Woods..

Homeland Security released 3,700 high-threat illegal aliens last year

Confirmed by IRS: Amnestied Illegals Can Claim Up To $35K in Tax Refunds Without Ever Having Filed Returns

90-year old man befriends illegal alien, gives him work painting his house – Illegal and accomplice show gratitude by beating him to death

Obama’s diabolical propaganda campaign to force communities to “welcome” migrant seedlings unveiled yesterday in Washington

Sudanese refugee shot and killed in Louisville; why are we colonizing America with people like this?

See list of states receiving over 1,000 refugees in last 8 months

Refugee Resettlement Watch

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10 Responses to “Cry and Howl” harsh on conservatives!

  1. fathercharlescoughlin says:

    Very simply, with ISIS in all 50 states, Obama has signed the death warrants of all samesex marriage partners. The Islamic terrorists in all 50 states are opposed to gays and samesex. Will the gays raise up an Ernst Roehm as Hitler had… or will they make a mass exodus south of the equator? Meanwhile, incremental Sharia Law will be hastened in America to oppose this. Obama thought he was following the New Deal Birth Control agenda – but it will backfire as he has put all American gays in serious danger…

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      Yes he has and they are trapped. There will be no mass exodus as small a group as they are. The “savior” will save them.

  2. Cry and Howl says:

    Hey Lady R! Great job with the links. I thought about supplying links for my listed items but it would have been too time consuming. Thanks for providing those and thanks for re-blogging. Actually, I do have a couple of articles criticizing conservatives. I’m not sure if I saved them. I’ll look around.

  3. marblenecltr says:

    Reblogged this on necltr.

  4. Father Paul Lemmen says:

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.

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