Whatever Happened to Sgt. Swanton

Since your original post “introducing” Swanton – having seen earlier the quote from the link below – I have always wondered who the rookie was –
“[…] Eighteen uniformed Waco police officers including an assistant chief, sergeants and one rookie were standing by outside the restaurant Sunday and responded within a matter of seconds after the violence broke out between members of five rival gangs, Swanton said”


There has been a lot of speculations about why Sgt. Swanton seems to have gone missing since June 10th… His daughter is kinda scarce too… Maybe we should investigate!

He does kinda seem like a family man, don’t he?

Or maybe he was kidnapped by Clyde and the Black Widows…imageOr maybe he got a second job….image


Maybe he doesn’t want all those nasty subhuman bikers getting twitchy cock thinking about his pretty blonde COP DAUGHTER..

(Do not look at the picture and think of Sabreena)


Maybe heee’sssss… BATMAN!


OR MAYBE.. just maybe.. Officer Combover is just a big lying, conniving, sleazy, sissy punk pussy bitch who loses the wind in his Chuck Norris with PMS attitude toward the Bandidos when you knowow this…he and his entire family seem to have disappeared off the internet and haven’t made a peep since one little crippled, helpless ol lady biker wrote a…

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