ACTION ALERT! ” All That’s Needed to Stop Fast Track Is You – Call Congress Monday!”

If you don’t want to read huge amounts on the trade bill you actually don’t even have to.  All you have to be aware of is that last week Paul Ryan basically said – YOU’LL READ OBAMATRADE AFTER WE PASS IT!  If this isn’t Obamacare shoved down our throats PART 2 – nothing is!

Sara Noble – Independent Sentinel –

Of three large trade bills passed on Friday, only TAA was crushed, 126-302. TPA did pass but TAA didn’t. TAA is considered necessary for TPA to work. TPA is the fast-track authority. It’s the process, not the deal itself.

TAA is being brought back on Tuesday and Wednesday. What will the GOP do to make it acceptable if anything?

Stripping TAA out of TPP is unacceptable to Progressives and it is unlikely the conference vote will pass both the House and Senate if TAA remains as is.

All trade deals include a TAA.

If TAA goes down, so does TPA. TAA spends large sums of taxpayer money to compensate workers for lost jobs by way of unemployment and social welfare programs et al. TAA is actually pork barrel spending to get trade deals through and doesn’t really work. The trade deals are usually worth it.

READ the rest HERE!

GRUMPY ELDER – Here’s How We Can Stop TPP-TPA-TAA aka Obamatrade

Or maybe it should be called Obama’s Boehner.

After the Trade Adjustment Assistance Bill, which had to be passed in order to move the Trade Promotional Authority Bill to Obama’s Desk failed by an almost 3 to 1 margin, the idea of giving Barack Obama the power to negotiate the Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty in secret, with no congressional oversight should have been finished..  American’s should have been able to breath a little easier, knowing that Congress had listened to them for a change.  But it was far from over..

House Speaker John Boehner decided to hold a vote to show that there was support for passing the Trade Promotion portion of the law..  It was a purely political move, designed to set the stage for his next move..


And that is always the way it is with John Boehner and has been for several years now.  Watch my left hand, NOT my right!  He has slit the throat American at every turn!

Time is short, you have to start talking to you friends today.  Don’t forget to send your email in the morning and call them before around 10:00 am.

Get the email addresses and phone numbers here..

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