The Bandido Who Saved Souls

The Vet’s Story… One Day at a Time

When “Stroker” Wiggs, the “Bandido” bike rider who became a Christian minister, died of cancer, Neal Benschoff lost a dear friend and role model. Benschoff, also a former member of an outlaw biker group that terrorized the countryside was, like “Stroker,” a Vietnam War veteran.


The mainstream media has been having a field day with the Bandidos lately.. And, they are by and large.. Completely wrong. Anybody else notice they have all of what, three or four court cases to complain about over the course of a decade? That doesn’t sound like terrible criminals to me.. As a matter of fact, Insuslect there are more crimes committed by doctors and school teachers…. So, let’s look at some statistics.

The Bandidos was formed in 1966 by a man named Don Chambers in Texas. Their motto is “We are the people our parents warned…

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