Teach for America, Indoctrination, Agent Provocateurs?

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The following post was written a decade ago but remains relevant today.

Yale graduate and ideologue, Joshua Kaplowitz, wrote an article about his experiences after attending five weeks of teacher boot campy courtesy of Teach for America (TFA), an organization whose primary agenda is social justice through indoctrination (TFA is an affiliate of AmeriCorps) and at Emery Elementary School located in an urban community school district in Washington, DC.

Kapolowitz’ plan, while on paper or in his head appeared sublime and doable; however, suffering the disdain and bigotry of his students, parents and peers who became teachers who achieved their Accstatus minus the short-cuts of a social justice organization thrust reality to the forefront, “I quickly realized that my best-planned, most imaginative lessons fell apart if I didn’t have control of my students….To gain control, I tried imposing the kinds of consequences that the classroom-management handbooks recommend. None worked….”


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  1. bydesign001 says:

    Thanks for the re-post, Lady Raven. Out of town this week with three dozen plus great nephews and nieces. Thus, sharing this info not so easy, lol.

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