Rest In Peace America – It was fun while it lasted – part 2 #C51

Yesterday, Canada – Anti Terror Bill C-51 Passed Senate – “Today, the Senate approved PM Harper’s controversial Bill C-51 after a long period of study. The bill will give Canadian spy agency CSIS more powers to detain people.”

A Canadian friend at the end of the vote when I asked how it was possible the people allowed this law to even come about (like I should talk) – “What happened.. couldn’t say it in less than all the words ever…. I’m… lower than ever I’ve been I think.. or maybe just a different type of horrific low… I don’t know..”

Hours before the vote – friend was in conversation on twitter with another Canadian – “I wish we had the wisdom to learn from the mistakes made by the US instead of just repeating them”

May 27, 2015 – Margaret E. Atwood ‏@MargaretAtwood – As a journalist, I could be detained for 7 days w/out charges under #BillC51. + I & anyone could be “pre-criminalized.” This is Stalinist.

More from “the people” at C51 hashtag – here.

An absolute must read though it is very long so I shall paste here just the conclusion.  It will all look very familiar if one just thinks NSA. – Who Knows What Evils Lurk in the Shadows?

Notwithstanding C-51, Canadians are long overdue for a serious discussion about the proper legal limits of powerful security agencies like CSE in the era of Big Data. In a short span of a few years we have fundamentally transformed our communications environment, turning our digital lives inside out and leaving a trail of highly revealing personal information around us where ever we go. Meanwhile, CSE and other signals intelligence agencies have reoriented their mission and capabilities to “collect it all” without public debate, and without any corresponding adjustment in the Cold War-era limitations that ostensibly safeguard citizens from potential abuse.

C-51 takes us in a dramatically different direction than we need to go: more covert collection and disruption against a broader range of targets at the behest of a larger number of security agencies; looser information sharing practices among a broader range of domestic and foreign intelligence agencies; less, rather than more, rigorous checks and balances, oversight, and public accountability. We are entrenching 1950s-era oversight of a 21st century security service machine.

To be sure, societies face serious threats and need properly trained and equipped state security services to deal with them. But without proper checks and balances we lose sight of what those services are ostensibly designed to secure in the first place. And we open up the potential for enormous abuse of power. Twenty first century SIGINT agencies, like CSE, are massive electronic omnivores. They are extraordinarily powerful arms of the state. C-51 will boost CSE’s resources, reach, and interaction with other domestic security agencies without any corresponding investment in political restraints that can properly assure Canadians such awesome powers will not be abused.

What evils lurk in the shadows? Who really knows.

The 1st Amendment is still in place here in America but not for much longer.  Perhaps those not watching this march to tyranny, not only in America but around the world, will listen to a Brit who ought to know – Video H/T cmblake6 – 


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8 Responses to Rest In Peace America – It was fun while it lasted – part 2 #C51

  1. upaces88 says:

    …and that’s why I contacted Blessed Be~ I knew she would know exactly what is going on!!

    • Blessed B. says:

      LOL! Your source for the truth, eh Upaces? Happy to oblige! Just ask me…I’ll tell ya what’s what here in Canada.

      • upaces88 says:

        ESPECIALLY in Canada. A LOT of people are ignorant about Canada….they aren’t “bad” people…they just don’t know what they are talking about.

  2. Blessed B. says:

    BTW….would like to add….Canadians will still be allowed to PEACEFULLY protest or Demonstrate on the street…just won’t be allowed to vandalize businesses, resort to violence or to cover your face while doing it! Same as before….this has not changed because of Bill C-51.

    The video of the police officer…..this was only his views and opinion…..he is only a Provincial policeman. His views about the Bill are not consistent with what I have read and they are certainly not the ultimate truth.

    Canada also has it’s share of uniformed and stupid Liberal minds…..have to be careful of where you are getting your information from on the internet. If it’s from the lamestream media or alphabet news media ( CBC,CTV, Global TV, ) then you’ll get the liberal spin of the truth.

    The videos I posted above come from the Rebel Media which came about after Sun News Network went down….

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  4. Blessed B. says:

    Do the PMs new anti-terrorism measures go far enough?
    Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced new measures aimed at safeguarding Canada by thwarting Islamic terrorism here at home.
    The Prime Minister has been tough on terrorism, but I’d argue his measures should go one step further.
    Millions of dollars of foreign extremist money flows into Canada to fuel extremism and social segregation here at home, and the Canada Revenue Agency has no way of tracking it.
    This isn’t money that is funding terrorism directly, but rather funds that foster an environment susceptible to terrorism.
    I accept that there are no easy answers here, but this is an issue that all Canadian society must accept is happening, and confront.

    New biometric security: “A foreign citizen has no right to just waltz into our country”
    Under the new security measures just announced by Stephen Harper’s government, some people entering Canada will have to provide biometric data, such as fingerprints.
    Why should Canadians object to us collecting this data about foreign citizens?
    By definition, they don’t have the same rights we do under the Charter, and certainly have no inherent right to enter our country.

    Terrorists must have their Canadian citizenship revoked
    On Friday, Canada’s new citizenship laws came into effect.
    They allow officials to revoke the citizenship of terrorists and others under certain circumstances.
    Justin Trudeau once said a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian.
    That’s not true.
    Being a Canadian comes with fewer responsibilities than it comes with privileges!
    But to not merely reject these responsibilities, and to actively campaign against a country that is such a refuge and home for so many, that is what we cannot accept.

  5. Blessed B. says:

    Okay…here are the facts of Bill C-51…from PM Harper’s own mouth…

    The proposed legislation includes a comprehensive package of measures that will:

    · criminalize the advocacy or promotion of terrorism offences in general;

    · counter terrorist recruitment by giving our courts the authority to order the removal of terrorist propaganda online;

    · enhance the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS)’s powers to address threats to the security of Canada while ensuring that courts maintain oversight;

    · provide law enforcement agencies with enhanced ability to disrupt terrorism offences and terrorist activity;

    · enhance the Passenger Protect Program by further mitigating threats to transportation security and preventing travel by air for the purpose of engaging in terrorism;

    · make it easier for law enforcement agencies to detain suspected terrorists before they can harm Canadians and to toughen penalties for violating court ordered conditions on terrorist suspects;

    · enable the effective and responsible sharing of relevant national security information across federal departments and agencies to better identify and address threats;

    · Although not part of this proposed legislation, we are also working with communities to prevent radicalization and intervene when individuals show signs of becoming radicalized.

    · ensure that national security agencies are better able to protect and use classified information when denying entry and status to non-citizens who pose a threat to Canada; and,

    · provide witnesses and other participants in national security proceedings and prosecutions with additional protection.

    “Our Government is serious about taking action to keep Canadians safe. Recent attacks in Canada, which led to the deaths of Corporal Nathan Cirillo and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent, as well as attacks in France and Australia, are reminders that the world is a dangerous place and that Canada is not immune to the threat of terrorism. Recent terrorist actions in Canada are not only an attack on our country, but also our values and our society as a whole.” – Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

    ~ so…what this bill does is make it easier to capture terrorists before they actually get to do their dirty deeds! It stops terrorists from coning into Canada and from travelling freely into the USA or anywhere else in the world to do their dirty deeds there!

    It gives the CSIS, RCMP and local and Provincial law enforcement to share vital information between the agencies.

    It gives the CSIS the ability to get background information from other Intelligence agencies ( such as from Israel ) to know exactly who and what the terrorists are and who they are in contact with.

    Many terrorists are trying to get into Canada through the UK and USA who are allowing them to get false passports…this Bill will stop them from getting in! Canada then will send them back from whence they came.

    Margaret Atwood can not be detained unless she has been interacting with terrorist organizations or has become a terrorist herself planning on hurting other Canadians. Don’t listen to the Liberals or Progressives on this! They really have no clue and would rather we hug a thug instead of incarcerate them! Some of them were protesting the Bill in Ottawa cuz they thought they wouldn’t be able to grow garlic in their own backyard!! I kid you not!

    You can read Bill C-51 here:

    This Bill is nowhere like what the USA has. American intelligence agencies do not share any information between themselves. The CIA has gone rogue and is operating with its own agenda…all of it criminal activity!

    I’m happy that the Canadian Government is actually doing something that will ensure that Canadians are kept safe…..unfortunately the USA has yet to provide the safety that her citizens are needing…. The USA is just letting the terrorists set up no-go zones, and allowing them to pour into the country over the Southern border…..

  6. cmblake6 says:

    Thanks for sharing that Pat Condell. That thing needs to go viral. And the rest of your post was awesome as well.

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