Lest we forget the “pre-criminalization” of 177 Waco bikers

Aging Rebel – Waco is first and foremost an example of how easily Americans can be denied fundamental human rights.

Secondly, it illustrates how uninterested most of America is in the fundamental human rights of their fellow citizens. There is no national outcry over the falsely imprisoned.

Biker – Author – Amy Irene White When I see these wives and moms and sisters and friends mourning the death or incarceration of THEIR Bandidos, my heart clenches in fear that someone I love will be the next person in their sites.

An attempt here to catch up. No, the bikers have not all been released from jail and returned home. Waco PD and dot gov have not stopped stonewalling. Funerals for the nine murdered I am guessing have all taken place now. Their families and friends will never be the same.

Aging Rebel – Justice Denied In Waco A reasonable person might find it probable that the mass arrests, the sterilization of an acres large crime scene and the cloud of confusion created by official police spokesman W. Patrick Swanton were part of a deliberate conspiracy to hide official culpability, demonize law abiding motorcycle enthusiasts and cynically aggrandize the Waco police. It is probable that police at the scene of the Waco Massacre committed multiple crimes and continue to be guilty of at least obstruction of justice.

Justice has already been denied for the scores of innocent bystanders who remain imprisoned because they are pawns in a cruel, official game. The time has passed for United States Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Waco Massacre and its aftermath. It no longer matters. Public trust in this investigation has already been squandered. Justice delayed is justice denied.

Biker – Author – Amy Irene White – My Letter to the Guvnah of Texas You know, there ARE criminals who are bikers. But I challenge you to something here.. Would you like to compare how many criminal politicians i can find against how many criminal bikers you can find?

Bikers Rally To Waco Silently Protesting LEO Response To “Twin Peaks” Mass Roundup, Arrests, and Million Dollar Bonds…

smiley in the comments at The Conservative Treehouse

we all have the right to assemble. to be labeled as “bad guys” in order to justify an armed LE presence creates a seriously flawed precedent.

where is the line drawn ?
its ok to have an armed LE presence “perched” on top of nearby buildings, to “observe” families & friends…and other bikers… at a funeral ??
what if a similar group of people were also assembled in a parking lot on the way to a store together ?
or on the way to church together ?
or inside the church together?
or on a hunting trip out in the woods somewhere together ?
or at the someone’s private home together ?
or owned a private biker business together?

armed police can dog them wherever they go, and that’s justified?
and how many more innocent people…and ex-military…and VETS ..and “bad guys”..have to be killed and/or imprisoned without due process before a line is drawn ?
the ugly and alarming precedent being set in a situation like this is one of oppression.

some of us are clearly alarmed by it…by the POTENTIAL of what this could lead to.
it has happened before.
it can happen here.
let’s hope it does not.
but it requires vigilance.

Police swarm local biker club meeting in Lower Valley

Ysleta, Texas

State and local police swarmed a VFW in the Lower Valley Wednesday night, surprising more than 100 bikers gathered inside.

It happened right around 8 p.m. at the VFW Post 6388 near the Speaking Rock Entertainment Center in Ysleta.

Several dozen local biker groups reportedly gather at the VFW Post the firstEwednesday of every month to discuss upcoming rides and community events. On Wednesday evening, the clubs were collecting money for a local Alzheimer’s charity.

Witnesses say shortly after Wednesday night’s meeting started, 16 police cars swarmed the building. More than 100 bikers were inside at the time.

Looks like a copy cat to me.  Is this a sign of things to come?

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4 Responses to Lest we forget the “pre-criminalization” of 177 Waco bikers

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  2. Breitbart has an interesting articles that links to a Facebook page with pictures of SNIPERS attendant of two Harley Davidson events. There are also pics of the snipers at Breitbart. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!! WTF???


    Photos on the Facebook page of a group called Free All The Waco Bikers appears to show police snipers on an apartment building rooftop, across the street from a Harley-Davidson dealership that was a hosting a memorial service for one of the bikers shot and killed outside a Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco on May 17.

    This is the second time in less than a week that snipers have been posted outside a Texas Harley Davidson dealership after the Waco incident.

    The most recent sniper sighting occurred at the “fundraiser and celebration of life” for Jesse Rodriquez, a decorated Vietnam vet who was known to fellow bikers as “Mohawk,” and frequently did charity rides with his wife. The fundraiser was held at Geuene Harley Davidson in New Braunfels, south of Austin.

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      THANK YOU! My MIA for five days has me way, way behind – especially reading “comments” at TCT where latest will always be. I really appreciate your posting this! Biker Witch has gone quiet after her last post – sure hope she doesn’t stay quiet.

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