It’s Knowing That Your Door is Always Open and Your Path is Free to Walk…

Tonight it looks like the mainstream media is abuzz with the Waco bikers. Perhaps I can soon go back into retirement. Tonight, as I watch the triumph and the raucous excitement of Justice perhaps finally awakening, I feel tired and old.

In this battle, as in all, you love and you lose. I guess I have lost the friendship of the Rebel. Everyone thinks I was mean to him.. Maybe I was. I apologize for that. But I have invested so much into this.. To see him say no one was out of jail when they were, made people question all my articles. Every time he contradicted me, I got a barrage of messages about how wrong I was. I couldn’t take anymore when I broke the story before Stubbs, and sent it to him, and he didn’t even mention that.. Not for attention or credit, but because… Having two…

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