Alright you Waco bikers – check your privilege! Please!

We cannot have you expecting any special treatment from America’s legal system or pocketbook.  Got that? 

This a letter to the Waco Criminal District Attorney, Abelino “Abel” Reyna, from the Wicked Bitch biker and author Amy White –

Did you used to be on the Wonder Years? I would like to hereby demand, on behalf of all the bikers in jail in Waco, to see the video. Civil liberties are personal guarantees and freedoms that the government, neither state or federal or Patrick Swanton cannot abridge, either by law or by force or by gun or by judicial interpretation. The scope of examples of civil liberties include the freedom from torture, like making vets sit in soiled pants for six days..freedom from forced disappearance, like not telling the families whether they were in jail or dead, freedom of press, like allowing someone besides Swanton in front of a camera, freedom of religion, like actually holding the church service they were promised in jail, freedom of expression, like wearing anything they want and not getting murdered for it, freedom of assembly, like a CoC meeting , the right to security and liberty, and not to be MURDERED AT LUNCH, freedom of speech, enough said there, the right to privacy, like not searching a woman in from of 170 men, the right to equal treatment under the law and due process, and not being told if they want to be victims they should act like it… the right to a fair trial, before they get fucking house arrest and ankle bands, and the right to life. Your cops robbed eight or nine people of that…Other civil liberties include the right to own property, like motorcycles, the right to defend oneself, when being shot at, and the right to bodily integrity.. Like not carrying a naked body around in front of a news camera.  Found here.

YOU!  Bikers of America, you must know your place and must stay in your place because there just isn’t enough privilege to go around for everyone and poor John Kerry on Sunday broke his widdle leg and, well, reality is – he is special and YOU are not.

Not for him medical care in Switzerland, nor at, oh, say, a medical center such as Landstuhl where our military with serious injuries from fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan are treated.  Nope!  He had to be flown home on a U. S. Air Force C-17 so he could have his leg set by his own personal doctor.

Suck it up bikers of America.  Suck it up America!

Air Force for one: Massive military transport plane that usually carries 100 troops picks up US Secretary of State John Kerry to bring him home after he breaks his leg cycling




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14 Responses to Alright you Waco bikers – check your privilege! Please!

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  2. steve says:

    That size plane is just big enuf to carry his ego home…..

  3. When I first read the following sentence from your blog post: ” . . .poor John Kerry on Sunday broke his widdle leg . . .” I almost read “widdle” as “middle.” — ‘m I bad or what?

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      Nope. Your good! Except just FYI – Kerry has no “middle” leg.

        • LadyRavenSDC says:

          Is he the most disgusting (next to….) “piece” you’ve ever seen?
          The cost of flying him and and the other garbage before and after – ALL at taxpayer expense – would probably be enough to post bail for every biker jailed!
          Landstuhl – where the most horrifically wounded of our soldiers just isn’t good enough for him?
          And by the by – I cannot find a website for you nor does the WP URL listed work?
          ALSO by the by – kinds word from you at TCT – thank you! Really flattering.

          • I don’t blog, Raven – I have enough trouble keeping my internet addiction under control! The ‘kind words’ from me are deserved; I really like the way you think!
            BTW, did you see my post over there on Civil Forfeiture? Check this source info out, since we’re on the Renya topic, and don’t miss the comments! Parting out the rides could yield a tidy sum even at 30% for Renya (who knows what percentage the “other agencies” will get), and who knows where the vehicles will end up? The total number of bikes and vehicles, of course, exceeds the number of the imprisoned. Police are saying they need all of them for evidence, AND that anyone’s vehicle who is NOT needed for evidence can pick them up.
            There’s some duplicity for ya.
            I certainly hope the innocent will be made whole when this is all said and done!

            Glad to know you – keep up the good work!

            • LadyRavenSDC says:

              Internet addiction – know all about it but I will just say in my own defense, I’ve learned more in the last fifteen years of heavy internet than in all years earlier combined.
              Which is one of the reasons I get so few posts up – one subject takes me to more and more material and another subject and …..
              Yes, I saw the forfeiture information.
              As you noted, more vehicles impounded than # of jailed and dead.
              So my question is – where the heck did the extras come from?
              Did they go to the homes of those jailed and grab more??????????
              And – due to sleep/work I have not been able to catch up on latest….gotta get there shortly!
              By the way – is it safe to assume BobNoxious is an attorney?
              And great to know you too!

              • Haven’t seen anything that would lead me to believe Bob’s anything other than a standup guy, Raven.
                On the vehicles, my question is how many parking places are there in the vicinity? Haven’t looked at Google Maps to guesstimate. Off the top of my head, I’d say not 200+ at the crime scene, though.

                You might ask Amy about impounding from home addresses – She seems to be pretty on top of what’s going on with the families, and they would surely know.

                Yep. You gotta paddle fast in the Internet Whirlpool, lol!!!

      • I was, of course, being facetious! 🙂

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