May the silence be deep, and long, and chilling – Waco biker ride

Three paragraphs from the post below – the whole piece is worth the read.  Third paragraph in particular needs to be given some real weight.  Trusting Swanton at this point in time might not be in one’s best interest!

Personally, I think if not a single biker showed up a rather chilling message might be delivered to PD and all the others involved in the slaughter.

All or Nothing..  Why I Do Not Support the All for 1 Rally

When there is a huge tragedy of any sort, the first thing bikers do is rally around that issue in most cases. When around 30 people were shot in Waco, including the nine fatalities, and over 170 people jailed… Of course the knee jerk reaction is to rally in Waco to defend freedom and justice. HOWEVER. This circumstance is a little different than most. I myself wholeheartedly intended to make this event when it first started… These are the reasons that changed my mind.

False info on the flyer. I hate that ‘90% are innocent’ comment. This is implying 17 are guilty. At this point according to the law of land of the United States of America and the state of Texas, every damned one of them is innocent until proven guilty. Since no video has been forthcoming and an attempt to blackmail them into silence has surfaced, I believe in their innocence more than ever.

The cops support it. I don’t want to down the organizers of this event here, but it seems very DENSE to me to rely on the word of that sorry ass cop Swanton for your safety. How do you plan a rally against cops shooting people then say ‘hey, it’s ok because Swanton welcomes us with open arms!’ That would scare the ever loving hell out of me more than it would make me feel safer.

Another thought provoking read – 

Francis W. Porretto at Liberty’s Torch Harbingers Of Things to Come?h/t Outlaw Patriot News  –

…incidents of mass violence in which law enforcement – local, state, or federal (e.g., ATF, FBI) – is conspicuously involved must be publicized, and the possibility that those incidents were premeditated must always be kept in mind.

Given that American bikers are visibly willing to stand forward in defense of freedom, and that they’ve succeeded on more than one occasion at massing many thousands in one place for that purpose, they constitute a powerful potential source of resistance to any oppressive force.

The latest posted in the comments at The Conservative Treehouse

Bond Reductions Offered only in Exchange for Waiving Potential Lawsuits in Waco Shootout:

Attorney Seeks Removal of Waco Twin Peaks Judges Who Set $1 Million Bonds


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4 Responses to May the silence be deep, and long, and chilling – Waco biker ride

  1. evl says:

    Please adhere to dress code?
    Is there some divide 1 from 99 to be POLITICALLY CORRECT, or are all Motorcyclists Criminals (only registered owners)as of recently

    Waco was an attack on your, mine and the rights of
    1 or 99 percenters still in jail
    Yes all of Us, we all lost that day,
    I say ride and Obey the Law, wear whatever you want,
    me I’d do a
    “Hands on Handlebars,
    Don’t Shoot” , t-shirt
    So this time Waco PD won’t have to control anyone but themselves.
    like they should have the first time

  2. LadyRavenSDC says:

    I believe it is correct now – I do so apologize and will not make that mistake again.

  3. The original source of the “Harbingers” column is my blog. (The Author)

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