Alinsky’s rules for radicals #12 and Waco bikers – exposing the agenda

Rule number 12 –  “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy

Show me a fire pit with eight or ten sets of boots and sneakers ringing it and I’ll show you some good conversation, comradery, problem solving going on. All this past week there have been lengthy and thoughtful conversations at The Conservative Treehouse in response to the their research on the Waco biker massacre.   My wording (massacre) not TCT.  You’ll have to pardon me if I don’t call it a shoot-out because that would imply there were two sides shooting and thus far we don’t have much reason to believe that is the case.

Opinion and commentary are critical components of resolving issues big and small. I want to throw in several excerpts from an article by Dr. Jim Garrow – “Educator and former intelligence operative Dr. Jim Garrow … runner-up to President Barack Obama for the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.”

Waco, Biker Clubs, and Government Schemes Against Liberty

How many know that before the BATFE/FBI was involved in providing firearms to Mexican drug cartels, they were providing fully automatic firearms to Biker “gangs?” Yes, some of the same ones arrested in Waco. Why would government agencies willingly put guns in the hands of criminals like the drug cartels? The answer is simple: they hope they will be used in heinous crimes against citizens and because of those crimes the sheeple will willingly accept and support total gun confiscation.

*  *  *

On May 17, there was a terrible loss of life in Waco, Texas (again), and lo and behold various government entities were involved. Of course, just like in 1993, the government stooges came out with a story in which everyone was guilty but them and they had no choice but to kill. We should all be aware that our government only employs those who qualify for sainthood, so to question their veracity is blasphemy indeed. I do believe that as time goes by, the government will again be proven liars as to the actual events in that parking lot in Waco just as they have been about every major event in which they have been involved.

*  *  * 

So, again, why are the government alphabet agencies so concerned with the Biker community in this country, perhaps even so concerned they would resort to ambushing some of them in Waco under the color of authority? Don’t forget, back a few years, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) published a list of “potential domestic terrorists.” Included in that list were gun owners, Christians, former military, constitutionalists, Second Amendment supporters and other so-called anti-government groups.

Well, Bikers are well-represented in all of those groups. Christians have their own MC; there are several MC’s whose membership is restricted to Veterans; never met a Biker who didn’t have a gun somewhere near, and almost all of them have a burning desire to be free of government tyranny in their lives and the lives of their families.

If my goal was to foist a highly centralized, tyrannical, oppressive form of government on the population of this country, I would view the various MC’s as a very serious threat to my goals. I truly believe the powers that be in our present form of government fear not only the presence of the Bikers, but they fear even more the spirit of freedom they possess.

I am also convinced this government of institutionalized perjury is moving quickly to eliminate those who have the courage to resist the coming hell storm of tyrannical programs, all of which will be deemed “justifiable” and “appropriate” by the purveyors of lies and oppression.

You might want to read it all – here.

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