Research Update: Waco “Twin Peaks” Shooting – Only Four Officers Fired Shots…

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2 Responses to Research Update: Waco “Twin Peaks” Shooting – Only Four Officers Fired Shots…

  1. sangell51 says:

    I thought Sundance and the people at TCTH would’ve have spotted Swanton’s early comment that ‘only three or four’ officers actually fired and that none of the Texas State Police did. Sundance and I don’t communicate anymore but it matches the evidence cones so well . Two officers on either side of the SUV on one side of the Mexican restaurant, one officer on the other by the MRAP and the final firing position on the grass by the Twin Peaks sign.

    What makes this significant too is that Swanton has claimed the bikers opened fire on the police! My initial reaction to this was ‘these are bikers not kamikaze’ and what fool with a pistol is going to open fire on a SWAT team with assault rifles and full body armor. Now that we have the probable locations of the 4 police who opened fire it is even less probable that the bikers ‘opened fire’ on the police… or that ALL the police in the probable firing positions could have been simultaneously aware that that had happened because of the widely separated locations of the officers who shot back. It would be more likely they received an order to open fire or that one opened fire and the others, hearing or seeing that, joined in.

    You can run this by the folks over at the Conservative Tree House if you want but don’t identify me.

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      I don’t have the ability (time) to be watching/studying this kind of detail – wish I did. At most I am trying to just keep up with comments, click “like” when there is good common sense being displayed and simply trying to see the bigger picture. Hopefully you are OK that I can’t take your comment over there. Were there to be any response/question/input to it, I could not argue/agree one way or the other – again because this aspect (the technical – who was where/when/timing/angels/#of casings etc) I can’t speak to.

      What I can address all day long are the oddities –
      14 of 18 LE stood around and did what while other four killed and maimed?
      To the best of my knowledge thru the horrific moments, not a single scratch on a single LE?
      Why did WPC take down their posts on their website (except for the very first of it).
      170 must come up with $170,000,000.
      Shattered brains/shattered lives – I want one hell of a lot more “transparency” on this – every biker in this country is owed that, every friend and family member is owed that – America is owed that!

      sangell51 – I really appreciate your input!

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