“Happy Kill List Tuesday” Hussein Obama!

Yes, the “Commander In Chief” killed a gnat! A rather irritating one by all accounts and it wasn’t even a Tuesday! Obama Orders Syria Raid, ISIS Commander Abu Sayyaf Killed by U.S. Special Operations Forces

Hooray for our very own HO!

In the meantime, the woman seized in the raid is a bit of a – shall we say – problem“…her capture raises a host of thorny policy questions for the Obama administration, which has taken few terrorist detainees and prosecuted those it has taken in US federal courts. Under Obama, US forces had not previously made any battlefield detentions outside Afghanistan, and the US military has closed its detention facilities there and in Iraq.

And unfortunately for this world, the so-called Commander-In-Chief shot all his stuff on one day and celebrated way past his deadline for “Happy kill list Tuesday.” Setting up his own brand-new twitter account on KLTuesday was far more a priority.


The opportunity to take out more than one ISIS piece o’c*** just sallied right by him.

The Jester@ POTUS I see ur busy but ICYMI those pesky ISIS boys have just taken Ramadi. Strategic location where US lost 94+ and 300+ wounded in 04/6.

ISIS Holds Massive Military Parade in West Anbar Celebrating Victory in Ramadi …(Where’s the Coalition?)



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