When you’re trying to scare the bejeezee out of the sheeple – ISIS – part 1

It’s a lot about the image isn’t it?

Take as an example the psychology of color as it relates to fear or persuasion. I’ve tried to figure out with little success, what marketing research resulted in the orange jump suits ISIS clothes their victims in other than that the color orange is the least favorite color of men and women. Well, oh. It’s what we got. Orange.

But the sting doesn’t hurt nearly as much when there are counter jihads (if you will) by masters of disseminating hilarity such as Stilton Jarlsberg and others. I find, often, that “hilarity” is tinged with its own warnings such as – We see you, we know what you are doing. Save it for your goats, or better yet – your Shaytan handlers!

JapaneseAndIsis.jpg Japan’s internet users have shown they won’t be silenced by Islamic State’s threats. They’re taking to web with…

Stilton Jarlsberg – Happy Martyr’s Day


ISIS quickly claimed “credit” for their warriors’ hilariously quick transformation into Lone Star roadkill, and promised that further such attacks on American soil would be occurring just as soon as they could find new stooges and a target anywhere except Texas.

Then there are, some might say, irascible Rotties at The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler who take no prisoners. In this case LC IB CiSSnarl5.7 Imperial Foreign War Correspondent. DO read more than the short excerpts here – it’s worth your time. I promise.

Pamela Geller 2 – Goat molesters 0

Two Jihahdi – Joes, with “assault rifles” (according to the presstitutes) managed to – shoot a security guard. In the ankle. *Facepalm* What are you guys vying for? “Worst shots ever”? How many times do we here in the Empire preach about sight picture and fire discipline people! Really!!! Sigh….Oh well, if you goat molesters ain’t got it by now – You ain’t ever going to get it.

We here at the Empire being g_dly sorts and all, have made sure your now very dead pals in TX – are getting their 72 virgins. We cloned Helen Thomas and Rosanne Barr. 36 times each. Hey never let it be said we’re not benevolent here….have fun with that. Send more Jihadis, we’ll make sure they get their “rewards in paradise”. No really, trust us.

Never attack a freedom of speech event in the same place that people like Chris Kyle, Marcus Luttrel and other assorted bad asses are bred. It’s just not a fluke, Texans BREED these people called SEALS, Green Berets, and others like you people breed fucking camels. They’re good at it.

Or the sting of an old buddy from eight years ago –

Yeah. Save it scum. Return to sender/”white” house.

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9 Responses to When you’re trying to scare the bejeezee out of the sheeple – ISIS – part 1

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  3. Cry and Howl says:

    That was perfect Lady Raven!

  4. Father Paul Lemmen says:

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.

  5. jay352 says:

    Ankle biters. Let slip the Chihuahuas of war.

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