Walking the blackened brick road

At one time traveling the yellow brick road we survived, we thrived, we lived!

Now the path darkens. But it can’t happen (to Christians, to Jews, to others) in America, right?

And darker still, to this, which IS this country, right here, right now, where we cower today.

Paul Revere rides that darkened trail more dangerous by the moment warning us! But will we listen?

Emperor Misha IThis Isn’t going to End Well

And when it doesn’t, it will all be on you, you filthy Prozi fascist scum.

You’ve probably already read about it, but LC Tallulah, GLOR, brought it up as well, the story of political pogroms in Wisconsin.

We encourage you to go and read all of it, if you have the stomach for it, but it is, in short, how Democrat Prozi Fascists abused their governmental powers to abuse, terrorize and persecute, in ways that would have made Adolf Hitler grin, innocent citizens who dared hold a different opinion from the Democrat Fascists, for that is really the only appropriate term here. All in the so-called “land of the free.”

Cindy Archer, one of the lead architects of Wisconsin’s Act 10 — also called the “Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill,” it limited public-employee benefits and altered collective-bargaining rules for public-employee unions — was jolted awake by yelling, loud pounding at the door, and her dogs’ frantic barking. The entire house — the windows and walls — was shaking. She looked outside to see up to a dozen police officers, yelling to open the door. They were carrying a battering ram.

She wasn’t dressed, but she started to run toward the door, her body in full view of the police. Some yelled at her to grab some clothes, others yelled for her to open the door. “I was so afraid,” she says. “I did not know what to do.” She grabbed some clothes, opened the door, and dressed right in front of the police. The dogs were still frantic. “I begged and begged, ‘Please don’t shoot my dogs, please don’t shoot my dogs, just don’t shoot my dogs.’ I couldn’t get them to stop barking, and I couldn’t get them outside quick enough. I saw a gun and barking dogs. I was scared and knew this was a bad mix.”

They, the so-called “law enforcement officers” of the Wisconsin Gestapo, then proceeded to deny her talking to her lawyer, demolishing her home and stealing her property.

The article goes on with more examples, and again: do read the whole thing. Abuse of power, denial of due process, theft of property, violence, vandalism and threats against persons if they dare speak out about it, all in the “land of the free.”

But don’t worry. That sort of thing will never happen here. If you worry about such things and bitterly cling to your guns, you’re just a terrorist and a paranoid nutter. Go back to sleep, citizen. Or else. More here.

The Deth GuildJust a Quick Note on Where the PIGS Stand…

Please take careful note of two things being missed by everybody covering this:

1: There is absolutely zero meaningful distinction between these assaults and the sort carried out by the Nazis when they were first rising to power. This is not “sort of how it started.” This is not “somewhat reminiscent.” This is “step-for-fucking-step” exactly how this Goddamned shit went down in the 1930s.

2: The Para-military-wannabe-pigs, with their skinhead “Aryan-power” trims, were more than eager to do as instructed – Constitutionality, laws, and basic human decency be damned. When the order came to trample serfs, the Cops were quite happy to kick in doors and terrorize the absolute shit out of completely innocent people. In fact, based on the eyewitness accounts, the police took no small amount of glee in the pain and trauma they were inflicting: Read here.

Judi McLeod at Canadian Free PressGovernment by Google: The government is Google, and Google is the government

Truth-telling conservative websites be warned: The Google Gag is coming. Traffic to your website is already falling like last autumn’s leaves. The only truth is now Google truth and all other truth will be Google-suppressed. More here.

John W. Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute –  Battlefield America: The War on the American People

Rod Serling, one of my longtime heroes and the creator of The Twilight Zone, understood all too well the danger of turning a blind eye to evil in our midst, the “things that scream for a response.” As Serling warned, “if we don’t listen to that scream – and if we don’t respond to it – we may well wind up sitting amidst our own rubble, looking for the truck that hit us – or the bomb that pulverized us. Get the license number of whatever it was that destroyed the dream.

And I think we will find that the vehicle was registered in our own name.” Read here.

The path can be swept clean again by doing for yourself and your fellow man. By standing for what is right!

Matt WalshHere’s What You Can Do About The Persecution of Christians: Stop Being a Lazy Coward

I get emails all the time from people who tell me they’re too afraid to speak out against the gay agenda or the pro-choice agenda or the secular agenda because they don’t want to deal with the blow back. This blow back, in our case, pretty much exclusively involves angry internet comments and frowny face emojis. This differs slightly from anti-Christian blowback in the Middle East, which often involves being dragged out of your home, beaten, burned alive, and hung from a bridge.

We are pathetic.

One day soon, we better wake up and realize that Jesus is talking directly to us in Revelation when He says:

I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm–neither hot nor cold–I am about to spit you out of my mouth. You say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’ But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked.

We are comfortable and insulated, but spiritually, as Christ said, we are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind, and naked. The rest is here.

There is only one place the road can end if we continue walking this blackened path without listening to the Paul Reveres riding thru the day, thru the night. Without listening to history, without listening to a Higher Good, without taking action – we are doomed to repeat a horrific past because evil would not have it any other way.

H/T CMBlake6 and Stephens – thank you!

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6 Responses to Walking the blackened brick road

  1. cmblake6 says:

    Once upon a time, it WAS the land of the free BECAUSE of the brave.

  2. James Fulks says:

    America … land of the free … home of the brave. Hmmmm

  3. Anonymous says:

    America … the land of the free … the home of the brave. Hmmmm

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