Our smarts will outsmart us some day – Drones

From FusionDrones are now delivering weed to prison inmates

Drones could soon revolutionize delivery services — but some prison smugglers are already testing them out.

The New York Times reports there is an emerging trend of drone smuggling attempts in corrections facilities, with small, unmanned aircraft dropping packages of cellphones, tobacco and marijuana.

Authorities aren’t only worried about inmates getting high. Cellphones can be used to coordinate with the drone operators and to send payment for deliveries. In one nine-hour prison riot last year, inmates with cellphones made calls to a local TV station to show they were holding other inmates hostage.

Bryan P. Stirling, the director of the South Carolina Department of Corrections, told The New York Times how quickly drones have become an issue since he took the director role in 2013.

“We put up higher fences to stop people from throwing things over them,” he said. “Now they’re just flying over them.”

Are we to believe drones are not carrying in hard drugs? Or knives? Or how about guns. The author didn’t want to concern anyone I suppose.

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