“I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together” – supporting Iran

The first line of the Beatles song The Walrus – “I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together” was written on an acid trip. America is on a force induced acid trip as administered by Hussein Obama. We are supporting Iran no matter their “death to America” – “death to the Jews” mime repeated year after year after year. We have become our own worst enemy and is it any wonder we have become the enemy of the free world?

Mark Levin“Obama expects Iran to follow the rules of a nuclear agreement when they won’t even follow the rules of the Geneva Convention. Meanwhile, Josh Earnest says it’s unrealistic to expect Iran to not commit terrorist acts against America.”

(IMO) Victor Davis Hanson has pegged this pResident as no one has before. This article is well worth considering. Excerpts from –

Obama and Revolutionary Romance

His foreign-policy errors result not from incompetence but from a conscious agenda.

Lots of questions arise about the muddled foreign policy of the Obama administration. Critics suggest that America’s friends have now become enemies, and enemies friends. Others cite incompetence and naivete rather than deliberate agendas as the cause of American decline, and of growing global chaos from Libya to Ukraine.

But, in fact, there is a predictable pattern to Obama’s foreign policy. The president has an adolescent, romantic view of professed revolutionary societies and anti-Western poseurs — and of his own ability uniquely to reach out and win them over. In the most superficial sense, Obama demonstrates his empathy for supposedly revolutionary figures of the non-Western world through gratuitous, often silly remarks about Christianity and Western colonial excesses, past and present. He apologizes with talk of our “own dark periods” and warns of past U.S. “dictating”; he contextualizes; he ankle-bites the very culture he grew up and thrived in, as if he can unapologetically and without guilt enjoy the West’s largesse only by deriding its history and values.

More –

Traditional analyses deconstruct the Obama administration’s negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program and are aghast at the naivete – no stop to ongoing uranium enrichment, no open or surprise inspections, no conditions to be met before sanctions are scaled back, no prohibitions against the marriage of nuclear-weapon technology and intercontinental-missile development.

But that is to misunderstand the Obama worldview. He is less worried about a nuclear Iran and what it will do to a mostly pro-Western Gulf or Israel, or to other traditional U.S. interests, than about the difficulties he faces in bringing Iran back into the family of nations as an authentic revolutionary force that will school the West on regional justice. (“There’s incredible talent and resources and sophistication inside of Iran, and it would be a very successful regional power that was also abiding by international norms and international rules, and that would be good for everybody.”) Iran will assume its natural revolutionary role as regional power broker in the Middle East; and, almost alone, it is not beholden to any Western power.

In some sense, Obama views the rest of the world in the same way as he views America: a rigged order in which the oppressed who speak truth to power are systematically mischaracterized and alienated — and in need of an empathetic voice on the side of overdue revolutionary accounting.

The chief danger in Obama’s romantic view of revolutionary societies is that nothing in their histories suggests that these regimes will ever cease aggression or adopt internal reforms. Continue here.

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