General stuff for 4/8/2015

File in “You just can’t make this s*** up” – really good post Steve.
If you did this type piece every day for just one week – maybe a few minds would be blown into the WAKING TFUp FINALLY category.

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5 Responses to General stuff for 4/8/2015

  1. upaces88 says:

    Illegals have been here for years and years. Now? They think they are BETTER than us.
    This new AMNESTY bunch WILL catch hell from white American Texans.

  2. upaces88 says:

    I apologize if I seem to be jumping around in my post. I am SO ANGRY about the Illegals right now!!
    I live on a block that curves around to another block of the same street name. On my block there are about 15 homes before it curves. SIX of those homes are ILLEGALS. Some math genius figure out how many illegals live in my community with 700 homes.

    AND….that A-Hole just took $$ out of my social security for Fed School Loans that I DO NOT OWE.
    I am a Senior Citizen. I can’t get Food Stamps while the Illegals living on my Block are driving band new Sports Vehicles, paying for a new house and have two-four kids.

    Two weeks ago, one of the Illegals who just got Amnesty Obama was walking across my property with two children and two dogs. I politely told her: “You are trespassing.
    Her response, ” I’m gonna tell on you!”
    My response: “Go ahead” Then I grinned real big!
    This people are one of my big anger points.
    Somehow, they must think they are in the “Entitled Group.”
    A car was coming down the street just as two of their little dogs ran out into the street.
    I walked over to her house, knocked, and explained to her the rules in this community for dogs.
    We have “leash laws here. You must have your dogs on a leash.” I was ignored.

    Two days later, Two of the children were playing BEHIND two large Sports Vehicles with their little dogs. The dogs decided to go chase a car. The little girls ran after them without even looking to see if a car was coming.

    Sure enough, a large Pick Up Truck came barreling around the corner. HE STOMPED on his brakes and missed hitting the children.

    I walked across the street AGAIN to talk to the mother. She slammed the door on me.
    Remember when Obama said, “I may suspend the elections”.?
    Well, this is his new plan. He won’t suspend the elections. He WANTS all of those NEW Illegals with Amnesty to vote him in for a 3rd Term.

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      Much disturbing about this upaces88 but in particular – “I’m going to tell on you.”
      Obviously the woman has been coached to do exactly that, your rights be damned!

      • upaces88 says:

        Welllll, LOL…I did work in the legal field at one time as well as for the City of Dallas Attorney.
        I have always done this: I document date, time+Action.

        I took a “typewritten list” to the community office. Haven’t seen that woman again…nor her little kids and their dogs!

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