SPLC Releases New List of “Hate” Groups: Be Suspicious My Friends, Be Suspicious


hate groups map

Are you part of a group that loves your country? Do you belong to a church that condemns homosexuality? Are you opposed to the federal government’s tyranny and thus have joined a Tea Party type group in response? Don’t like what Israel is doing in the Middle East and so joined a peace group?

Then you’re a hater. You belong to a hate group. American Renaissance I know from past experience is on the SPLC list of hate groups. Race realism, in which blacks are criticized for their dysfunction, not for their skin color, is a hate philosophy to the SPLC.

The real haters are the SPLC. Anyone who disagrees with their lying, liberal, lefty tyrannical Marxist views is someone they hate and will demonize. That includes all conservatives, patriots, gun owners, race realists, and any white person who loves his/her race.


Excerpt from the Daily Mail

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