“Democrats join bipartisan Congressional effort to reign in Barrack Hussein on Iran. 360 members sign letter to Obama”

From Powdered Wig SocietyHouse writes its own Iran letter, but to Obama

A bipartisan letter on Iran signed by 360 members of Congress will be sent to President Obama on Thursday, one of its House signers said.

The letter, like one 47 Senate Republicans sent to Tehran’s leaders, reminds the administration that permanent sanctions relief on Iran as part of a deal to rollback its nuclear program would require new legislation from Congress.

It comes as international negotiators approach a March 24 deadline to reach a framework agreement.

“Should an agreement with Iran be reached, permanent sanctions relief from congressionally-mandated sanctions would require new legislation,” the letter says.

More here.

When Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke before congress (little c) there was not a mass exodus by the democrats as we had been lead to believe would happen. They didn’t get the memo?

Is it possible that they might have a tad bit of concern for this country after all? Based on voting records and the condition of this country I have to say – absolutely not. They are only concerned about their own skins – but for them to survive, this country must survive. They seem to have at least enough brains to figure that out – thus you get the majority of the representatives signing on to the letter. Just my opinion.

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