What price will We, the People, pay for supporting Israel? – just asking.

Anyone who has paid any attention to Hussein Obama’s actions when he doesn’t get his way understand there are consequences to backing the wrong horse. Keith Koffler writes that Israel will pay for voting Netanyahu back in office. That has already begun.

But if the American public thinks we won’t pay for having supported Netanyahu – we are sorely mistaken. Hang on to your hats people – it is going to get ugly all around.

White House Dossier – Why Israel Should Be Very Worried

Let me tell you three things about President Obama that auger very poorly for Israel.

1. Obama is, at heart, an internationalist. It pains him to make the United States the stumbling block in front of international opinion. Now he feels he is free to join with the consensus of the other internationalists at organizations such as the UN and pressure a rogue nation into “proper” standards of behavior.

2. Israel recalls for Obama issues that are central for him – racism and oppression of minorities by a dominant culture. Obama’s default stance is with what he perceives as the aggrieved minority, not the majority, no matter the threats the majority faces. It reminds him not only of the struggle for racial justice in the United States, but one of the defining issues of his political coming-of-age during the 1980s, the fight against the Apartheid system in South Africa.

3. Obama is not lazy, but he’s not the hardest working president we’ve seen either. But he is extraordinarily competitive. When faced with competition, as during one of his political campaigns, he shelves the golf, focuses like a laser, and does everything he has to not to lose.

With his own reelection, Netanyahu has soundly humiliated and beaten Obama. He did so while upstaging and defying him in his own backyard with a grand speech to Congress. The well of the House is a stage Obama feels he owns, not some foreign interloper.

Make no mistake, Obama will strike back hard. He is furious about Netanyahu’s unexpected victory. He will not allow the Israeli leader to have the final word. He will win at all costs. And that will have grave consequences for Israel.

As I said – it has already begun –

US fails to renew emergency oil supply pact with Israel

From Tel Aviv to Turtle BayThe White House hoped a new Israeli prime minister would resume peace talks with the Palestinians. With Netanyahu holding on, the administration is weighing a turn to the U.N. to help force a deal.

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PumaBydesign001 – Obama the Vindictive will Empower Israel’s Enemies

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3 Responses to What price will We, the People, pay for supporting Israel? – just asking.

  1. bunkerville says:

    Very well said. His bruised ego will know no bounds in retribution to get even. Perhaps this will move the moderate Arab countries to align with Israel and take out Iran. The only hope at this point for Israel. Obama will only get more reckless as his final year approaches. Dangerous times.

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