While Hillary acts as a distraction – IRAN will NOT be distracted

Perhaps Javid Zarif, the Islamic Republic’s foreign minister and chief negotiator for Iran is just as much a dangerous idiot as is John Kerry. I suspect more that Zarif is just dangerous, and Kerry is the idiot.

Hussein Obama’s nuclear deal and some of the more revealing thoughts by the Iranians themselves – excerpts and links below:

National Review

AP reported: “…what an agreement with Iran might look like: sanctions relief in exchange for promises to slow down Iranian centrifuges for ten years. At which point the Iranians could manufacture a bomb — assuming they hadn’t produced one in secret. Iran would get international legitimacy, assurance that military intervention was not an option, and no limitations on its ICBM programs, its support for international terrorism, its enrichment of plutonium, its widespread human-rights violations, and its campaign to subvert or co-opt Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, and Syria.

Zarif – 3/3/15 (video)

…the objective of the deed is to make sure that the Iranian nuclear program is exclusively peaceful and at the same time to make sure to insure that all sanctions are lifted. The expectation is that we are moving forward, we had made some progress last time and if there is a political will to accept that an agreement and sanctions cannot go together then we can have an agreement this time.

Iran Declares Pre-emptive Victory in Nuke Talks

Iran’s foreign minister and chief negotiator in nuclear talks with the West declared victory for his country, stating that no matter how the negotiations end, Tehran has come out “the winner,” according to remarks made on Tuesday and presented in the country’s state-run press.Javad Zarif, the Islamic Republic’s foreign minister, stated in remarks before the country’s powerful Assembly of Experts, which recently installed a hardline new cleric as its leader, that the nuclear negotiations have established Tehran as a global power broker.

“We are the winner whether the [nuclear] negotiations yield results or not,” Zarif was quoted as saying before the assembly by the Tasnim News Agency.

Meanwhile, Iran’s military continues to unveil a range of new strategic missiles and advanced weapons meant to project strength throughout the region.

Fadavi declined to provide additional details about the missile. “I would like to keep this information for the future. It is a very special weapon and the Americans cannot even surmise how strong and effective this weapon is.”

3/12/15 Iranian President: Diplomacy With U.S. is an Active ‘Jihad’

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani described his country’s diplomacy with the United States as an active “jihad” that is just as significant to Tehran’s advancement as the slew of new weapons and missiles showcased by the Islamic Republic’s military.Rouhani praised the country’s military leaders for standing “against the enemy on the battlefield” and said as president, he would carry out this “jihad” on the diplomatic front.

Iran has made headway in convincing the U.S. to allow it to maintain much of its core infrastructure through diplomatic talks that Rouhani said are viewed as a “jihad.”

Iran stands “10 times more powerful” than it was during the time of the Iran-Iraq War, Rouhani said, which “reflects a serious deterrence to the enemies’ threats.”

Matan Shamir, director of research at United Against Nuclear Iran, said Rouhani’s latest comments show he is not a moderate leader.

“While Rouhani talks about a ‘win-win’ nuclear deal to global audiences, his comments make clear that he continues to view the U.S. an antagonistic global oppressor that must be triumphed over, in this case by a diplomatic ‘jihad,'” Shamir said. “This is clearly not the language of a moderate or of a regime with which rapprochement is at all realistic.”

Iran Renews Vow to ‘Annihilate’ Israel, NBC Buries Lede JAVAD ZARIF: It – it should be annihilated. That this regime is a threat, is a threat. Full transcript here.


Report: Human Rights Abuses Continue in Iran

A special United Nations investigator issued a scathing report on the Iranian government’s human rights record over the past year, which included the highest execution rate in over a decade and continued crackdowns on journalists and religious minorities.Ahmed Shaheed, the UN rapporteur on human rights in Iran, reported that the regime executed 753 people in 2014. The number is up from 687 in 2013. The number of executions has grown steadily since 2004.

Iran hangs Obama in effigy even as it negotiates nuclear deal with US

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