John Boehner: So fools, you actually voted? – Kicking the can 357-60

Hussein Obama does not have “his” Americans-In-Waiting funding.  Yet.

From GrumpyElder Congress Approves One-Week Pact to Fund Homeland Security

It was a long night for political junkies trying to keep track of whether or not Homeland Security would get shut down or not. After all the noise the Democrats made over the last few weeks, people were terrified that if DHS didn’t get funded, ISIS would be slicing off heads in shopping malls by Sunday.When the proverbial smoke cleared in the Capitol, all that happened was they postponed the drop dead date until next Friday. Gloating like a pair of peacocks Pelosi and Reid were acting like they were back in charge. Boehner was around, somewhere, at least his staff was still talking. Not sure about the Dishonorable Mitch McConnell, probably off somewhere collecting contributions from the Chamber of Commerce.

The truth of the matter is DHS wouldn’t have shut down. People designated non essential would get sent home. Only about 10% of the departments 230,000 employees are considered non essential. Outside of new hires, still in training at the academy, very few other people would be affected. I doubt they’d have even sent home the clerks that type up those Conservative Domestic Terrorism Assessments they hide from everyone except CNN, Propaganda is a valuable political tool. The rest here.

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