EMBRACE the new American euphemisms – or else… #AmericansInWaiting”

The White (Black) House is beginning a push for new wording to replace “illegal immigrants.” The decree is that we are to call them “Americans-In-Waiting.” Liberals will fall into line like good little lemmings.

The Blaze – A Lesson in Progressivism: ‘Americans-in-Waiting’ “Once progressives pinpoint a cause they want to modify, they set about subtly, slowly and methodically to alter how the issue is perceived by the public. This is usually accomplished by applying language that explains the topic in a positive or at least neutral way, rather than exposing the truth about the issue.” Read here.

And those who resist will sooner rather than later find the First Amendment no longer applies. To them.


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5 Responses to EMBRACE the new American euphemisms – or else… #AmericansInWaiting”

  1. I just posted this comment to another article then read yours’. It applies.
    The “Hispanic” category was created in 1972 by the Nixon Administration adding to the “White,” “Black” or “Other” choices rendering millions of formerly white Americans instant oppressed minorities. This political tactic was intended to consolidate voting blocks and divide the country. Due to its success, this expanded to incorporate “Asian,” “Pacific Islander,” “Native American,” etc. The latter had to be amended to “Native American Indian” because native American born white people could not be penalized for claiming “native American” status (I had checked “Native American” on a contract bid for NASA and got as far as an interview before I was told this set aside was not for native born white people). The divide continues to this day. After the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman scuffle in February, 2012 the press pounced on the white man who had shot a black “child” to death. Then it was discovered that the very white sounding Zimmerman had a very Peruvian mother. But instead of transferring the country’s wrath to an Hispanic murderer, the media, and shortly thereafter, the government created a new combo ethnic category–“White Hispanic.” Within six months after the incident and only a few months after Zimmerman’s mother was discovered federally licensed firearms dealers were required to throw out their old 4473 forms (background checks) for new ones. The only change to the new forms was in the “Race/Ethnicity block. Henceforth, no one can be plain old white or black when purchasing a firearm. A potential gun owner must be Hispanic or Non-Hispanic white or black. Obviously, as this article states, there are lucrative advantages to being an oppressed minority. And by default it is white (and male) who must be the oppressors. While we still recognize only two sexes, look for this to change as well. The previews have been playing out for about a decade preparing us to accept a choice of Male/Female/Gay/Lesbian/Transgendered/Nature Neutral/Bigendered and a host of other absurdities. But we must admit, if an elitist group wants to rule over docile subjects this is the slow, methodical way to do it. And it’s working; has been for 50 years.

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      If anything, those dedicated to the downfall of our country are patient. Yes, it took 50 years of the slow/methodical way. And here we are.
      Our government is now absolutely and openly ignoring the will of the people (defined as those committed to the Constitution).
      Thank you for the above information.
      Do you think they will add a new category to the background check – American-in-waiting?

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  3. Father Paul Lemmen says:

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.

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