Scotland’s Extends Erosion of Parental Rights to Pre-Birth

“Are you listening America” is right! This is scary s*** and Melissa Perry-Harris clearly, clearly let us know what is in store for us a few years ago with her “We haven’t had a very collection notion of these are OUR children” and all your kids belong to us crap.

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Under the pretext that we are from the government and we are here to help, Scotland is implementing its Children and Young People (Scotland) Act of 2014 aka Named Person scheme.

Passed in February 2014 by the Scottish Parliament, the Scottish government has legislated that a “named person” be assigned to every unborn child when the mother is seven months pregnant.

A health worker will be assigned to child up to the age of five after which a schoolteacher would inherit the role until the child reaches age 19.

Government overreach? Invasion of privacy and taking control away from the parents? The Scottish government remains adamant that The Named Person takes on their formal role from birth – they have no statutory role until then.”

The named person assigned to children under the age of five will be a health worker after which and through age 19…

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4 Responses to Scotland’s Extends Erosion of Parental Rights to Pre-Birth

  1. bunkerville says:

    Brown shirts once again. Start them young.

  2. marblenecltr says:

    It sems as though you are being critical of “herd immunity” in the area of human imperfections. For the good of the flock, join the herd with love of your masters, the ones you pay to properly train your children. By the way, you yourself will have a trained person, you don’t belong to yourself, you know.
    Wait! Did I just write that? A symptom of excessive viewing and listening to public broadcasting.

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