ISIS hostage, John Cantlie’s message to family, “Let me go.”

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In addition to appearing in another ISIS video earlier this week (supposedly the last in a series of videos produced by Islamic State’s media company Alhayat), British photojournalist, ISIS hostage and newscaster, John Cantlie in an article posted in the ISIS publication, Dabiq has urged his family to move on.

“Leave it be and get on with your lives, all of you. What can the remnants of one family, smashed and emotionally exhausted after two years of searching, be expected to do by themselves while the government, so full of intelligence officials, think tanks, and pompous men in suits, sits back impassively and does nothing?”

Referring to an interview given by his partner, the photo journalist says: ‘That was my fiancee, whom I hope now has long since forgotten me and moved on.

In the article, Cantlie, 44, has also been made to criticise the international campaign of air…

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