Patriotism-matters – “What Do We Say”

December 16, 2014 – Patriotism-matters added the below poem in PumaBydesign001’s comments on her postPolice: Armored Military Vehicles Needed for ‘Constitutionalists’ with Firearms

So many times I have meant to go back and copy it and put it in a post and, you know how that goes – life just kept getting in the way.  I have read it multiple times and just sigh and hang my head.  Once I cried out of shame and frustration and fear – for my grandchildren. 

Of course I have some fear for myself but I have lived a good life.  The babies – Lord knows we are responsible for them!  They cannot undo what we have allowed and they will pay a heavy, heavy price for our sin of just not giving a big enough damn – or the one a hate hearing the most – What can I do, I’m just one person and (enter any number of excuses and limitations we put on our voices and our bodies).  Regret will be a bitter pill because of our excuses when we “thought” we were free.

Another post this morning by PumaBydesign001 today reminded me and finally, here it is.  Thank you Patriotism-matters whoever you are.

Patriotism-matters – What do we say?

What to our Founding Fathers do we say
knowing we just slept our freedoms away
Would those in Gettysburg roll in disgust
Knowing the price they paid for us

Or the million plus that in uniform died
Seeing WE THE PEOPLE just run and hide
Like Americans landing a beach or in a reservoir frozen
and those in the jungles when their number was chosen

To volunteers all in Baghdad street fights
Or fighting in mountains all day into night
What do we say to those whom have borne the brunt
The Airmen, sailors, soldiers and grunts

What do we say while they’re standing far off and alone
While those that sent them from a House and a Dome
Ignore the OATH troops stand for even through fear
And WE THE PEOPLE allow it like we just don’t care

What do we say to our own daughters and sons
There willing to fight, as they say; “To the very last one”
or friends in GOD’s heaven that paid the ultimate price
While those in the House and Dome care but for party and their price

Do we SUPPORT AND DEFEND and fire those in the House and the Dome
or listen to marketing schemes and just sit at home
sitting idly by while those that do get enraged
Like an ARMY RANGER in IRAQ we let them put in a cage

What do we say to those that divide us by party, color and creed
To feed their never ending hunger for power and greed
Will we stand UNITED for hard fought liberty won
Relieving ourselves of those that have un-become

AMERICANS draw a line in this nation full of Hallowed ground
In your Patriots heart I pray you again hear the sound
Battle Hymn of the REPUBLIC sounding our plight
“Listen up” House and Dome because “We THE PEOPLE” can fight


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