Connecting the dots of why there was so little voter fraud reported in November and why Hussein Obama and Holder are dousing the police with flames

Who is your daddy America? Your abusive daddy who demands that you shelter in place?

A week ago yesterday a co-worker and I were talking. I asked him if he had figured out why Hussein Obama and Holder are working so hard to make the police of America look bad/corrupt. It was a question I had no answer to.

Wednesday Rush had a conversation with a caller that I feel answers the question. Simply put, it is psychological warfare being used against America.

CALLER to Rush: Hey, you know, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but doesn’t it seem like all authority is being undermined? The CIA, the Secret Service, our police. At the beginning, it was the ATF. Where we going with this?Is the FBI next?

SEAL Team Six was a failure, you know, trying to get the guy back and killing the guy that was supposed to be released the next day. All our authority seems to be getting undermined during this administration.

RUSH: And do you think that this is purposeful?

CALLER: You know, I don’t see why. Because if he undermines all the authority, what would he use for his authority? (This was my question too.)

RUSH: Oh, believe me, he’s got plenty of power that he can project if he wants to. I think your way of describing this is intriguing.

Is Obama undermining all authority — calling into question the moral and legal authority of, say, the police, the Secret Service, CIA? Clearly, a number of these institutions that are charged with protecting the public and defending property, public safety, are constantly under siege. Clearly they’re under assault.

I think you have to look at this cumulatively, if you want to understand, if you are of the opinion that all of this authority is being undermined. If you take it all together as I say, cumulatively, you may have a point. Then you would have to ask, “Okay, why? Who benefits from that?

Who benefits from the CIA not being trusted? Who benefits from the cops being thought of as enemies? Who benefits from the FBI or any other law enforcement…? Who benefits from the Border Patrol being, for the most part, worthless?

Who benefits from all this?

I think to answer the question, you have to view the impact on people such as you. You’ve noticed it, and if you are thinking it and if you’re asking about it, it’s obviously harrowing. It’s upsetting. It’s frightening. If all of these institutions that are designed to defend and protect us are in the process of being undermined and rendered almost as engaging in criminal activity themselves… If they are not trusted or trustworthy, I think the overall impact that may be desired (if this is part of a plan) is to simply continue the whole assault on the psyche of the American people.

It’s to create attitudes of utter futility and worthlessness and to make it appear that trying to stop this onslaught is pointless because there’s no way we can, because every day there’s something new. So the is it could be… Well, it does. I think it’s accomplishing it. I think it is reducing the spirit of a lot of people to object to it, and most people are now reaching a point where they’re just trying to stay unaffected by it all.

They’re just trying to stay out of the way. Don’t do anything, say anything, go anywhere. Don’t do anything where you might run into any of this. Just keep your distance, because all of these public institutions and government institution are under assault. There’s no question about that. It’s an interesting point, Keith, and I do think it has an overall psychological impact on people. It may not be something that they realize in the forefront like you have. It just may be a creeping, slowly evolving realization that people have.

Repeating myself – possibly there was very little voter fraud because the powers that be wanted Republicans to gain seats so that the People would feel that there would be hope, that we were reversing course, that Obamacare would be reversed and Amnesty would never happen.

Then, the Crimenabus. The psyops. Both the republicans and democrats squashed that hope with their blatant IN YOUR FACE show of power and disregard for what the people voted for. The disappointment, anger, frustration, would once and for all cause the people to know just exactly who the boss is, and it ain’t the people!



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2 Responses to Connecting the dots of why there was so little voter fraud reported in November and why Hussein Obama and Holder are dousing the police with flames

  1. anon a mouse says:

    Just my guess but if T.P.T.B. wanted to create a united north america, first they would have to flood the U.S.A. with non citizens from counties they want to merge the U.S.A. with. Second they would have to make U.S. citizens HATE their own government, their own culture and their own history. Third create chaos of all kinds and forms. And finally offer peace and stability to all who will lay down their guns and follow the T.P.T.B.’s plan without question. And anybody that refuses to go along will be branded a trouble maker who doesn’t want peace and stability.

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      Succinct “guess” there. Only part I do not believe they have or can accomplish is to make U.S. citizens hate “their own culture and their own history.” Not half of us anyway. As to the peace and stability – yeah – it’s the goal, as defined by T.P.T.B. It’s their definition that should scare the you know what out of all of us.

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