If we are heading to war with Russia you would want to know about it, yes? HR 758

Global Research Center – America is on a “Hot War Footing”: House Legislation Paves the Way for War with Russia?

America is on a war footing. While, a World War Three Scenario has been on the drawing board of the Pentagon for more than ten years, military action against Russia is now contemplated at an “operational level”. Similarly, both the Senate and the House have introduced enabling legislation which provides legitimacy to the conduct of a war against Russia.We are not dealing with a “Cold War”.  None of the safeguards of the Cold War era prevail.

The adoption of a major piece of legislation by the US House of Representatives on December 4th (H. Res. 758) would provide (pending a vote in the Senate) a de facto green light to the US president and commander in chief to initiate -without congressional approval- a process of military confrontation with Russia.

Global security is at stake. This historic vote -which potentially could affect the lives of hundreds of millions of people Worldwide- has received virtually no media coverage. A total media blackout prevails.

Written the day before H. RES. 758 was adopted I can’t help but wonder how Victor Hanson might have had more to say.  Town Hall – War Clouds – A large – expensive – war is looming

RH/T Battlefield USA – Ron Paul – Reckless Congress ‘Declares War’ on Russia

Ron Paul prays that he is wrong. Let us all pray that he is but there are a whole lot of others agreeing with him.   He says this is all just very dangerous propaganda. Unfortunately, what we have seen a lot of lately is our government inundating us with fear mongering as a lead up to their taking action that has NOT been what the people want. Think ISIS/IRAQ/AFGHANISTAN/SYRIA.

Zero Hedge – The Most Essential Lesson Of History That No One Wants To Admit

Ron Paul wrote an eye opening article recently about some legislation that was just signed in Congress, namely H. Res. 758. In the article Dr. Paul explains the purpose of the resolution. It’s not a new law but provides a basis of facts that will be relied on for future action. So essentially the resolution purports that Russia behaved badly in various ways and by way of signing H. Res. 758 each congressman was indicating their agreement that the propositions contained therein are factual. Now just because a group of obnoxiously arrogant A-holes stand around in a tax-revenue financed chamber and say “yeah” to several assertions does not make those assertions factual, but here in the United Orwellian States of America it kinda does.The dishonesty and ignorance it creates is reason enough not to do such things, however, the real stinker of it is, as Dr. Paul so clearly points out, the sole purpose of H. Res. 758 is simply a pouring of the legal foundation for something much more substantive.

Dennis Kucinich – Global Research – “Green Light” to War on Russia, Legislation in US Congress: Say No To War with Russia under H. Res. 758

Tensions between Russia and the US are being fueled every day by players who would benefit financially from a resumption of the Cold War which, from 1948 to 1991 cost US taxpayers $20 TRILLION dollars (in 2014 dollars), an amount exceeding our $18 trillion National Debt.

Center for Strategic and International Studies – The Obama Administration: From Ending Two Wars to Engagement in Five – with the Risk of a Sixth

Presidents propose action, and then reality intervenes. This cycle holds special irony in the case of President Obama. A year ago, it looked like he might end two of the longest wars in U.S. history by the time he left office. As of today, President Obama has involved the United States in five evolving conflicts, and there is little prospect any of them will be over by the time the next president is inaugurated, unless the United States chooses to disengage and lose.

And Russia will make it SEVEN wars.

WAKE UP AMERICA! “They” have begun beating the drums again – they want more power, more money and more blood of our children, our husbands and wives, brothers and sisters!

We, the people will either raise bloody hell over this and tell Congress NOT to cross that line to war or we, the people will pay with the blood of our loved ones, with what is left of our treasure, and our own lives.

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3 Responses to If we are heading to war with Russia you would want to know about it, yes? HR 758

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  3. jay352 says:

    They better get that draft started soon. Can you imagine that, with the current mood of our country?

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