Is there some reason we bothered going to the polls last month?

King Hussein of Obama has massaged his mighty crystal ball where millions and millions of votes float about awaiting birth at his hands, and he proclaims that once settled, like tea leaves in a cup (I’m tellin ya he has special powers), we, the people, voted for more (not less) Obama!

We thinketh the King needs to lay off the crack!

White House Dossier – Keith KofflerNo, the Message of the Last Election Was Not to “Get Stuff Done”

In the days since Election Day, and during the coming weeks and months, the message from the White House has been and will be put forth endlessly as accepted wisdom, the lie repeated often enough until it becomes truth: that Americans voted for Congress and the White House to “work together.” That what they want is government action to solve their problems.

This assertion, which is not just wrong but disprovable, serves the White House purpose of quieting conservatives who are willing to muck up business as usual in order to scuttle or at least make a vigorous point about President Obama’s unconstitutional effort to legislate immigration law from the West Wing, among other unlawful acts. But it’s nonsense.

In his post-election post-mortem press conference, President Obama asserted:

What’s most important to the American people right now, the resounding message not just of this election, but basically the last several is: Get stuff done.

He said something similar just two days ago at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda:

The last few elections, the American people have sent Washington a pretty clear message: Find areas where you agree, don’t let the areas where you disagree shut things down, work together and get the job done.

And yet, the exit polling done on behalf of a consortium of major news outlets shows quite the opposite.

Asked, “Which is closer to your view: Government should do more to solve problems or Government is doing too many things better left to businesses and individuals,” 54 percent chose the latter, while only 41 percent said they wanted government to do more.

Asked “How much of the time do you think you can trust the government in Washington to do what is right?” A resounding 20 percent – sarcasm intended – said Just about always or most of the time while 79 percent chose only some of the time or never.

Taken together, it’s obvious from these responses that the election was not a cry for help from the government, unless you assume some mass suppressed masochism under which voters want Obama and Congress to “work together” to inflict more harm. More here.


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