Brainwashed – part II

I hit “reblog” on Battlefield USA’s post before putting in my comments.  Darn that!

Reference his first link by Servando Gonzalez – Mr Gonzalez’s last sentence quoted was – We must keep in mind, though, that what we are seeing today is not the end of America’s road to evil, just the beginning of it.  I believe we are much further along than just at the “beginning.”  All the more reason to wake the hell up people!

Reference David Ruben article linked on – Brainwashing – there is another article I post periodically (not nearly often enough) by Daniel Greenfield, written in mid 2008, which discusses the manipulating of man – the islamic way.  It too is a must read.  Nearly six years after it was written one can easily see how far along the five steps to “Societal Brainwashing” we are.  

There is no other way to protect oneself and loved ones if you do not know what is just around the corner from you.

The Terrorist Brainwashing of the Civilized World  –  excerpts –

While most people tend to think of brainwashing as something that has been scientifically developed and deployed as a planned strategy, in fact it’s been a part of humanity for thousands of years. It’s something that most conquerors have known about. It’s used with unconscious precision by everyone from slave owners to abusive husbands and rapists, gangsters, warlords, dictatorships and terrorists. It is of course the underlying system through which the transformation of America and for that matter Europe and Israel is taking place.

The key to brainwashing is that it relies on the threat of violence to cow its targets into compliance with a process, at the end of which the target will feel that he not only deserves the violence, but that it is in his own best interest to surrender to the violence and comply with and believe everything he has been told.


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One Response to Brainwashed – part II

  1. Brainwashing also depends on giving the false impression that it is legitimate news. It is very sneaking and very subtile like any devil and apathy is no defense against its effects either …. and who can you name that is more apathetic than Americans?

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