Horrifying video of “Dying at the Hospital Door” – Ebola

Would anyone like to take a guess as to why Ebola is not in the news 24/7 lately? Answers —> Battlefield USA – Why no Ebola?

So. Let me do my little part in keeping it in the news.

From the New York Times. “Published on Sep 11, 2014 – Monrovia, the Liberian capital, is facing a widespread Ebola epidemic, and as the number of infected grows faster than hospital capacity, some patients wait outside near death.”

As you watch this, pay particular attention to the “dying” man, featured from the beginning. It sounds as if his name is Ebaga so I’ll go with that. He is outside the “hospital” starting at 00:05 and I quote – All signs point to the late stages of Ebola.”

Late stages: Disseminated intravascular coagulation causes clots and hemorrhaging, with clots in the liver, spleen, brain and other internal organs. The virus pierces veins and capillaries, forcing the blood vessels to bleed into the surrounding tissue. A patient will suffer aches all over the body, chronic abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhoea.

00:53 – “The largest hospital in the nation, and many others just like it, are completely full.” Odd, the “waiting room” seems a tad empty though.
01:04 A good close up of Ebaga writhing in pain, covered in his own vomit and excrement and blood.
02:45 Ebaga again. A startled reaction in his suffering.
03:21 This is what “late stage ebola” looks like! The horror!
03:26 “..later in the afternoon Ebaga was finally admitted.”
03:39 Ebaga’s father walks away maybe to the nearest 7-11. He seems to be in possession of some nice crisp cash.

Surely the New York Times wouldn’t indulge in crisis actors in order to produce a story. Would they?

Jon RappoportBombshell: scientist finds no reliable evidence Ebola virus ever isolated from a human being
Jon RappoportWatch out: genetically engineered Ebola vaccine
POTRBlogALERT: USA Setting Up Regional Ebola Centers For A Large Outbreak, Seeks Nationwide Inter-facility Ambulance Transportation

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6 Responses to Horrifying video of “Dying at the Hospital Door” – Ebola

  1. ken says:

    WOW! And the intended long term purpose? 3 terms Obama?

  2. ken says:

    I posted the same question on my facebook page earlier this week. since election you dont hear ebola in news media anymore. Wondered if perhaps it wasnt a tactic to take voters minds off campaigns. Distraction tactic. OR discourage them from going to polls for fear of getting ebola!

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      All of the above Ken. But it isn’t over. They are not done. Look at the very last link I used from POTRBlog. That gov “request for information” is dated 10/31/14.

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      Ken – take a little closer look at that solicitation/inquiry.
      “The source must be capable of providing transportation from virtually any hospital in the United States to one of a number of designated receiving facilities.”

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