2014 elections – the hour is so late

If I am I supposed to be ecstatic at the election results, some will be disappointed in me but as Ivy Mike puts it – “The senate race is is nothing more than swapping out one mafia family for another.”

The forces of evil have been allowed to move freely within our country and despite “the people” standing up yesterday and saying “we’ve had enough” – the indicators are that it is too little, too late.

For months I have been convinced there would be no 2014 elections. Something would happen to stop it. Reading a link a month or so ago from WRSA – someone in comments said (paraphrasing) – Of course there will be an election. Until “they” are ready, “they” have to make the little people believe they have a say.

And here we are.

PumaBydesign001 – White House refused to issue a congratulatory statement to GOP

Joe Walsh on twitter – Celebrate tonight, but remember who still sits in the a White House. He can still do a lot of damage. #FreedomNeverSleeps

*Opens up web browser* “…sh*t…” 2014election.jpg

Ivy Mike Cafe – Soiled

Yep, that’s how I feel. Soiled.

Yeah, I voted. In the North Carolina elections. It is the most depressing election I have ever voted in. The senate race is is nothing more than swapping out one mafia family for another. The only measurable difference between the two is that one thinks it’s going to take away my guns through illegal legislation, and the other won’t actively campaign to do it but will cravenly collapse to a withering attack from shrieking harpies who will go on the warpath after another one of their feminized, imbalanced sons shoots up a school. The rest of it is a tawdry mess of people who are running for office to find new ways to seize, steal, and spend their neighbors’ money and twist down the thumbscrews of the state on people they don’t like.

I voted to take senate control away from the DNC. That’s it. I didn’t vote “for” anything or anyone, because nobody ran a platform that had anything in it that I stand for.

The outcome of this election will see the following:

The debt as GDP economy will continue unabated, bubbles will continue, and the middle class will continue to be eaten aliveThe police state will continue to grow and there will still be zero accountability for officers who abused their authority

There will be no civil asset forfeiture reform

The surveillance state will continue to grow

The wars on drugs and terror will continue and the dynamic of “guilty until proven innocent” will continue to be cemented into place by our judicial system

The DC-centered bureaucratic state will continue to grow, choking off small businesses and innovation everywhere

Third-world, illiterate, and easily manipulated illegal immigrants will get amnesty to please the left and the oligarchs. The rest here.

And there are those with dire warnings.  H/T BattlefieldUSA – this written 11/3 – Red Alert! Obama will defiantely shout, “Alea iacta est!”

If you live in the USA, this alert is especially for you. (For those outside of America, what will happen soon in America will eventually impact your life too.) Life will change for the worse after Tuesday, November 4. That’s Election Day. Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not promoting the Republicans or the Democrats. It does not matter who wins on Tuesday. I’ll explain…..

Common sense and political analysis both say that the voters will give the Republican Party a sweeping landslide victory on Tuesday. Mr. Obama is hugely unpopular. His administration is peppered with scandals….Fast & Furious gun running, Benghazi, IRS harassment of conservatives, NSA spying on citizens, etc. Young voters no longer chant his “hope and change” mantra. Black Americans are depressed by the growing unemployment rate among minorities. The border no longer exists and tens of thousands of illegal immigrants are crossing it every month. ISIS is beheading Christians in the Middle East and threatens to do the same in America. Ebola is in the country. The bottom line: There simply is no way Mr. Obama’s Democratic candidates can win a fair election on November 4.

Mr. Obama will suffer a humiliating defeat on Tuesday. The voters will take the Senate from the Democrats and give control to the Republicans. A solid Republican-controlled Senate and House will stand in his way in January 2015.

It doesn’t matter for two reasons. First, Barack Obama is a mentally sick, psychotic narcissist. That’s what makes a humiliating Election Day defeat so dangerous. Barack Obama can’t stand not being the center of attention. Continue here.

Perhaps we are wrong. Pray we are wrong. Dr. Owens advises “Keep the faith. Keep the peace. We shall overcome.”  And in the meantime – water, food, medications and dry powder.

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One Response to 2014 elections – the hour is so late

  1. bunkerville says:

    I think this is a very dangerous time. He has nothing to lose.

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