The dark underbelly of cop Killer Frein saga, and what they didn’t tell you

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The alleged cop killer Eric Frein has been captured. I am glad. Martial law is coming to and end. But as I watched the heads of the various agencies preen with pride at the capture at last night’s press conference, I could only feel disgust. I witnessed the disgraceful conduct in Northeastern Pennsylvania by many in the various law enforcement agencies who ran roughshod over the rights of the citizens with their on again, off again  “Shelter in place” – what a joke – their often abuse towards us, because after all, they were going to get their man and too often, way too often, to hell with us and you and yours.

Anyone who follows my blog knows I am one of only a few who has called out on a regular basis that this lawlessness had to stop. If you think forcing citizens to sleep in their cars, not…

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4 Responses to The dark underbelly of cop Killer Frein saga, and what they didn’t tell you

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  2. bunkerville says:

    Thanks again. Every story has an ending. But I fear this is only the beginning. Martial Law works swell. Now the government knows just how far they can push it. And this in Red Neck America.

    • LadyRavenSDC says:

      I’m going out of town for four days/leaving in about an hour so my last thoughts on this.
      To the townspeople this was definitely an exercise in martial law – but I think it is bigger than that. It is possibly the longest government exercise/training yet. Not at all unlike the Zombie exercises we have seen. You do not get that many agencies, with that many personnel involved, that much equipment (wow the flyers!) for such an extended length of time without it being “more” than just a martial law situation. Seven weeks! Give me a break! Watch for crisis actors any time now……
      Bunkerville – when you have time – check out this guys videos on it.
      Must go now.

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