Barack Obama vs Hussein Obama

The only distinction is that the older, Hussein Obama, shows his jihadist face more frequently now.

“Drones are already a key feature in the military arsenal, but they could be entering the civilian domain sooner than we think. Fast-developing technology could very soon enable unmanned aircraft to carry out tasks traditionally performed by humans, such as piloting airliners, operating spacecraft, or even surveying our everyday movements. Mark Horstman meets the researchers designing and developing drones to match human intelligence, and explores the ethical issues of these machines infiltrating our everyday lives.”

“..or even surveying our everyday movements.”

Why Should the Law-abiding Care About Electronic Surveillance?

It has been a year and a half since the Snowden leaks revealed what many long suspected: We are being spied on by our government. We are also being spied on by irresponsible corporations. By now it should be clear that a fundamental part of liberty in the digital age is the ability to control the data that is being mined about us and prevent that data-mining. After all, if we cannot choose who sees our private communications, browsing and spending habits, personal records, etc., can we really be said to be free? In a previous article , we pointed out several tools that can protect your privacy and liberty in the digital age. But, the attitude of many is, “Why should I care? I don’t have anything to hide.

“This is dangerous thinking for several reasons. The idea of digital liberty is still being defined by policymakers. Future generations will inherit the policies that come from our attitude toward these things. Our silence becomes acceptance, which becomes approval in the eyes of both politicians and the next generation of Americans. Continue here.

“Our silence becomes acceptance…”

More Than 2 Million License Plates Scanned at Mall Of America in Past 90 Days “Police are running mass background checks on all visitors to the Mall of America using license plate scanners.” Video here.

I could go on like this alllll dayyyy longggg.

H/T Battlefield USA
H/T The Gray Enigma

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